Fan Voting Ignored at Live Event, WWE’s Creepiest Kisses, HBK Appearance


– Embedded below is a new video WWE released on Youtube, “60 seconds of WWE’s creepiest kisses.”

– Shawn Michaels is scheduled to appear at Autorama at the George R Brown Convention Center 1001 Avenida De Las Americas Houston, Texas, on Sunday, December 1 from noon to 3:00 p.m.

– At Saturday’s WWE live event in Dallas, Texas, the audience was polled on a dance contest or a wrestling match between Natalya and Brie Bella, and in a rarity, the match was selected. The fan voting, however, was ignored, as a dance contest was held anyway, resulting in Bella attacking the third-generation wrestler to lead to a wrestling match–this is the same angle WWE has been conducting at recent live events.

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  1. No kidding fan voting was ignored. WWE is the Vince McMahon amusement show. He gets everything he wants, and we pay him.

  2. Wrestling is in a sad state in this day and age. I really do miss the Monday night wars. Even as a WWE fan. These days Vince McMahon has no competition and just pretty much does what he wants. There is no threat at all from TNA so he really is the only show in town and he knows it. He also takes full advantage of the fact.
    I hope that someday a promotion will actually show up to give Vince McMahon some serious competition and make them once again care about the opinions of the fans.

      • You mean ECW?!?!

        Most people think running a tv wrestling promotion is about knowing about wrestling, but you also have to know about tv production and be smart with money. Heyman never had the financial means to go head to head with WWE or WCW. And Bischoff and Dixie have both shown a tendency to throw money down the drain leading to the demise of WCW and TNA having to cancel pay per views and road trips.

        McMahon may not be a good promoter, but he’s survived by being a better businessman. I have to give him credit for that.

  3. When has WWE ever listened to the fans? Even those PPVs where the fans allegedly voted were rigged. WWE has never been a democracy.

  4. Ok..first of all…WWE could care less about voting. As you notice a lot with the fans…they like to buck the trend and cheer for the heels and boo the babyfaces.

    All the fan voting angles are for one reason…to get you to download their buggy and ad-ridden app to your phone so they can bombard you with useless crap.

  5. as if the voting with the wwe app was any better, they probably just show the votes in favor of what they want instead of the real votes, this is why Cyber Sunday was stopped, people realized the voting was faked and stopped bothering.


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