Former WWE Creative Writer Reveals Top Wrestling Pet Peeves Of 2013


Former WWE Creative Writer Andrew Goldstein, has joined and will be publishing columns on pro wrestling and more. In Goldstein’s debut column, he explains his Top eight wrestling pet peeves of 2013. Here is an excerpt from his article:

#8 — Legal Storylines:
We get it, lawyers are the most hated people on the planet so it should stand to reason that if a heel threatens a babyface with a flimsy lawsuit or trots out his two-bit lawyer (David Otunga, in most cases) to back-up his dastardly cause with some threatening legal mumbo-jumbo — such acts of extreme cowardice should garner that heel, nuclear heat. Furthermore, taking legal action in a wrestling storyline should be the ultimate show of gutlessness by a bad guy — The most chicken-shit weapon in a chicken-shit heel’s arsenal. Problem is, true, ticket-selling, seat-filling, holy sh*t moment inducing heat happens when a heel operates above the law, not when he hides behind it.

The most chicken-shit heel of all time, Ric Flair never had to threaten Dusty Rhodes with an injunction prohibiting him from using his “Bionic Elbow”, instead, he simply had his Horsemen slam the American Dream’s arm in the door of his Mercedes in the Crockett parking lot.

For the kids reading, HHH shouldn’t have had to sue the Big Show to get him to stop interrupting his main events with WMD’s. Wouldn’t it have been more compelling if he enlisted the Shield or the Wyatt’s or hell, even 3MB to break the giant’s frying pan of a hand instead? (Sorry, I got carried away with that last one)

Bottom line is, wrestling used to be an outlaw sport conducted in the Wild West. Now, too often it resembles just another legal drama on USA. Sure, lawsuits and injunctions and holding titles in abeyance help move storylines along on paper, but in a wrestling ring they just get in the way.”

You can read Andrew Goldstein’s column, “Goldstein on Rasslin” in its entirety at this link. – Breaking WWE News and WWE Spoilers


    • Dumb-ass he was speaking in regards to his ‘character’ not actually calling Flair a chicken s***…ahhhhh today’s wrestling fan is so stupid and unlearned.

      • Louisa is a moron. Said it time and time again.. But look, this whole article is stupid. We’re talking about chicken s*** heels… please… a heel is a heel, no matter what the character does. The heel is designed to make the fan hate the character. Are we REALLY that stupid, people? I continue to have to explain everything to you idiots because you don’t even know what you’re watching! F***, shutup, enjoy, listen and watch the product. STOP ANALYZING IT!

        • This is a form where people have, guess what?? a discussion. I don’t know why you comment on things when you don’t feel they are worthy of your time. Maybe you are a lonely boy in search of some attention. You really don’t have to explain stuff to me I’ll live. I know what I’ve been watching and it might surprise you just how long.

          • B****, I really don’t care how long you’ve been watching wrestling. I don’t know what makes you think I actually care…

      • And by the way Jeff, you’re an idiot too – guilty by association in adding to this already ridiculous post… Get a clue, man…

  1. Guerrero might be the greatest chicken s*** heel of all time before flair….flair stood his ground a little more than eddie. The Model was really good at being chicken s*** too lol…tryin to think of others… Hell even Hollywood Hogan was a great chicken s*** heel. He was a tough guy and bravado WITH the nWo behind him but when he was all alone he’d turn into a begging lil beeyatch lol Hogan is the best ever. Best face that kicked off BIG TIME wrestling and best heel that re-ignited the business…

    • Eddie was fun to watch but Brett was the best. I remember the time he use to pretend someone pulled his hair or hit him and was on his back crying about it lol.

    • Not a wrestler but Bobby Heenan was a great chicken s*** heel. Him getting his comeuppance are some of my favourite memories.

      • He was fun. They had an old clip from 1973 Wrestling on a few months ago where he was running from Andre the Giant. I think it was Andre’s rookie year.Bobby Heenan is special. He’s the opposite of his on screen character. I wish he could still be in wrestling.


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