Former WWE Talents Create Rumors of Sexual Harassment at NXT


– There are rumors on Twitter that some of the WWE NXT developmental Divas are facing sexual harassment from a trainer there.

A few weeks ago, former WWE star Trent Baretta was asked if NXT Diva Bayley is similar to him. Baretta responded:

“nope. She’s way prettier… I don’t even get sexually harassed by my strength coach.”

Last week, recently released star Briley Pierce, the brother of Dolph Ziggler, made some interesting tweets but they have since been deleted. Here they are from a screencap posted on

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  1. bill is oldschool, he likes hard hitting hard working wrestlers. hot women and beer. mabye he is a little bit of a harasser i could see that. never the less hes a great trainer

          • dude my names right there how the f*** did you spell it wrong?! and it can be funny anything can be funny if your not a sick f*** and always look at the negative,thats why comedians can get away with anything even knocking 911 ,its cause its a JOKE fool,lighten up if everyone was tight ass like you humanity would be gone long ago.

          • f*** that so many greats were perverts. and some chick whinning about something that might not even be true. isnt worth firing someone who is a great trainer like bill demont, if watching wwe has taught me anything is that diva’s can be replaced without notice, but not a good trainer. im not saying he should be doing that s*** but you have to understand hes from a diffrent time. its like when old people act racist its not that they are there just from a diffrent time.

            either way i bet anything.he wont get fired.

            good example is batista sexual harrassed mickie james he even put up pics of her naked. and you know what happpened…batista had her fired.

            wwe is always going to do whats best for the company

          • and if every comedian was a f***ing asshole like you, thinking it’s something to joke about the were the f*** would we be? hmmm right where we are, with people making excuses for the accused based on their job not on being wrong. By the way you’re not a comedian,just a jackass.

          • lol you really need to chill. im not gonna go into some flame wars. i was joking around. no one really gives a s*** about this anyways. and actually ive done stand up and didnt do to bad but your right im not a comedian but i can choose to make jokes about what i want. and that joke is you my freind. bottomline is john cena could harass every diva in the lockeroom and you know what would happen..he might be fined,or they would be fired for complaining. besides if most divas are treated like objects and not talent so horny fools like you to stare at them i bet this is the least of there issues. so stfu and relax dude


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