Headlines Global Force Wrestling Announces First Talent Search

Global Force Wrestling Announces First Talent Search

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Global Force Wrestling has announced that they are holding their first official talent search and seminar on June 1st in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The seminar will be hosted by GFW CEO and founder Jeff Jarrett along with former TNA talent and pro wrestling trainer Scott D’Amore, who will evaluate the wrestlers in attendance as they engage in brief matches and cut promos.

Jarrett commented on the announcement, saying, “Professional wrestling is part of the DNA of Canada. It felt like a natural not only to have our first official talent search there but to have it under the tutelage of Scott D’Amore, a longtime friend and as knowledgeable as anyone when it comes to discovering and fostering talent. Coupled with our partnership with Mexico’s AAA promotion, this is another key step in establishing the reach of Global Force Wrestling.”

D’Amore added, “It’s an honor to have Global Force Wrestling bring its first talent search to my hometown. Jeff Jarrett is a third-generation promoter, and he knows what he wants. He’s going to have high expectations. I know he will be relentless in his pursuit in finding the best undiscovered talent in the world.”

Those interested in attending can go here to learn more.

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