Headlines HBK: ‘I Was Never Going To Return To Wrestle D-Bryan’

HBK: ‘I Was Never Going To Return To Wrestle D-Bryan’

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Every year’s Road to WrestleMania is one full of rumors and speculation, and the road to WrestleMania 30 was no exception. Among the many rumors (Sting? Goldberg?) that were floated was one that Shawn Michaels was considering or was asked to come out of retirement in order to face Daniel Bryan at some point leading up to or at the PPV. HBK, however, has shot that down and said that nothing was ever discussed with the company.

Michaels visited the issue on Jim Ross’ “Ross Report” podcast. When asked, Michaels said that there were no plans for him to return and that plans were never discussed.

Michaels noted that the comment comes up regularly whenever he attends shows, but has never been broached by anyone high-ranking in the company. He added that he has never told WWE that he wanted to get in the ring again, though he did propose that he appear on Raw and end up in the Yes Lock. That never came about though, in terms of the lead-in to WrestleMania.

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