Heyman Comments on Lesnar, Austin Asking for Bryan Feedback, More


– Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins spoke with Cleveland.com this morning and said The Shield will not split up. Here’s video:

– Steve Austin says he will discuss the Royal Rumble and Daniel Bryan on the next Steve Austin Show podcast. He tweeted:

“I will cover a few topics about #RoyalRumble on #steveaustinshow. Frustrated with lack of Daniel Bryan push? Questions@steveaustinshow.com”

– Paul Heyman tweeted the following about Brock Lesnar destroying Big Show at the Royal Rumble:

“EVERYONE saw the true BEAST inside @BrockLesnar last night. @DanaWhite @WWE #EatSleepConquerRepeat”

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  1. Gee…could WWE even call that a match?? Looked to me like it was a guy hitting another guy with a chair for 10-15 minutes. I didn’t see any wrestling at all.


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