Homicide Discusses Returning to Television Soon


Former TNA Wrestler Homicide revealed to The Roman Show that he plans on returning to television very soon.

“I worked at a promotion in Orlando called Impact Wrestling. In my view I’m a throwback, I’m just gonna call it Total Nonstop Action. I was part of one of the greatest tag teams called the LAX, 5150 and its still great. I came back, I did my thing.”

“Well now I’m waiting for a phone call right now in a couple of days. I will pop up on some television station pretty soon. Some people say that I’m like Terry Funk, I’m going to be anchoring up and retiring next year. I’ve been in the business for 20 year. I’m blessed and happy with what I did.

It wont be some local station. It’s gonna be nationwide. When I get there, excuse my language but I’m gonna fuck shit up.”

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    • alot of roh guys are not under contract and even those who are can work for tna as far as know then again i think roh has got tight on there contracts so idn

      • TNA won’t allow their wrestlers to work for ROH nor would they book any ROH wrestlers simply because ROH has a tv deal and TNA considers them competition. WWE sweats neither of them.

      • He’s not under contract with TNA. He did a few recent shows on a per-appearance deal and the PPV specials were the same. Read the results for the ROH show.

  1. I don’t see why anyone wants to go to TNA at this moment. IT’S THE TITANIC WITHOUT CELINE DION MUSIC!!!! The promotion is sinking in money problems and the people running the show are only making the problems worse. They can throw all the dead weight overboard and it still wouldn’t make a difference. There has been so many bad decisions that it is bleeding to death.

  2. anyways loved homicide hard hitting, high flying and techinical, bad ass look to lax was one of my favorite tags ever but i miss konnan


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