Hulk Hogan Appears at NFL Game Sunday Night


Hulk Hogan was in attendance for tonight’s Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants game.

Prior to the game, Hogan appeared on the big screen in front of the live crowd at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Hogan was wearing a Giants jersey and then ripped it off to reveal the Cowboys jersey underneath.

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  1. Terry needs to drop the Hulk Hogan name, he hasn’t been the “Hulk” for 20 years. Nothing “Hulk” about a guy who turns to dust when slapped

  2. I don’t see How ppl try and draw lines from Hogan’s Brand and anything he does compared to any other star. Hogan isn’t the financial backer of TNA and we all know he will never have the “Book”…Learn to draw the lines fans and accept that Terry/Hulk Hogan are the same damn person..Hell I won’t be surprised if he just changed his real name to Hulk Hogan because Terry Gene Bollea won’t make a dime for appearances..and FYI for all the “fans” who think they know wr***lin, Vince didn’t give him the name Hulk Hogan, so don’t go spewing non facts. Besides , TNA can’t afford to have shows on Sundays so consider this an offday appearance


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