Hulk Hogan’s Birthday Wishes, Meet Mickie & Magnus, Spin Cycle


– Embedded in the video below is the latest episode of Spin Cycle featuring Kenny King, Eric Young, Petey Williams and Brian Hebner.

– This Wednesday you can meet Mickie James and Magnus from 4-6PM at Direct Auto Insurance, 875 East Little Creek Road in Norfolk, VA.

– As noted earlier, Hulk Hogan turned 60 years old today. The Hulkster commented on all his birthday wishes he’s been receiving, writing on Twitter, “Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes,it just overwhelming the love you guys have for me I’m truly humbled. Thank you,much love. HH”

Hot Poolside photo of Taryn….


  1. Now that you’re 60, Hogan, you’re banned from wrestling. Period. No one cares about you and your ego-maniacal ways. Go away and quit the hemp too while you’re at it.

    • Happy birth day to you! I was just finishing the song lol. I agree with the no more wrestling and so does his doctor. I also agree with the no more hemp but that’s asking too much. People were booing because he wasn’t there last week but they need to boo every time TNA looks and sounds like WCW..I do wish you a happy birthday but knock off the WCW knock off please or the company will fold in December. I told people WCW was going to fold 6 in months after they scored one of their highest ratings. I know what I’m saying. Please listen.

      • quit b****ing. tna is doing just fine if you look at them 5 years ago or even 10 you will see that. and its not going anywhere no matter how negative you people act, spike is very happy with the ratings

        • I don’t want WWE to be the only thing on major tv. Don’t you see what has happened sense they took everything. They trashed ECW’s memory they made it so the Olympics don’t even want Wrestling to exist. Do you realize how wild that sounds. The Romans invented the Wrestling which started the Olympics so many years in the past. Wrestling is the Olympics but now it’s not in it lol. Somebody needs to wake up and smell the Caezar

    • stfu fool hogan isnt wrestling, on the mic hes just fine and brings a cool presents to tna. and this is coming from someone who never been a huge fan, but he is a cool gm

      all you do is whine about wrestling why do you even watch it?

      • I’m the fool? Man, I’ve been watching since 1984. I’ve seen the ups and downs. I really couldn’t give two s***s less about Hogan and what he is as an asset to TNA. He’s in it for himself. He’s incredibly selfish, untrue to his original character, and a bad role model. TNA = BAD television that tries to mock WWE REPEATEDLY. WWE = Innovative, entertaining television with great characters that appeal to many personalities. That’s what’s up, asshole!

  2. Hogan is 60 years old. Boy, how time flies! I saw him as a kid wrestle Big John Studd and Ric Flair in his first stint in the WWE. I realize that was a long time ago, but wow! Unlike other superstars, he always put on a good show for the crowd and gave it 100%, regardless of how big or small it was. I admire him for that. Happy 60th birthday Hulkster!!!

    • Earcall. Clothesline. Legdrop. Three count. Wow, what variety in Hogan’s stint, isn’t it? Please. Hogan’s a washed-up white trash chump with a f***ed up family and a bad pot addiction. Put the s*** down, Hogan.


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