Inception Series: Edge

Don't push him, cause he's close to the....


Inception is the commencement, the beginning, the birth or debut of an event. In the WWE, nothing can be as impactful and telling as a Superstar’s debut. When you have one chance to make an impression in the always evolving landscape of WWE, you must put it all on the line to steal the show and be memorable. A debut can often be the precursor of success, or footnote on an otherwise illustrious career. This week covers the debut of the Ultimate Opportunist, Edge


On the June 22, 1998 edition of Monday Night Raw, arguably one of Toronto Canada’s greatest exports, Edge made their WWE debut.  Edge’s titantron painted our screens as they cut to clips of him making his enigmatic entrance via the crowd.  “You Think You Know Me?” boomed in the arena speakers as Edge slid into the ring and immediately his opponent, Jose Estrada began to stomp a proverbial mud hole into the Rated-R Superstar.  Estrada picked Edge up and started to lay into his body with unbending lefts and rights.  Estrada Irish-whipped Edge into the opposite corner, but the maneuver had no lasting effects as the Ultimate Opportunist recoiled with a sharp spear, and strikes of his own.

A fired-up Edge hit his opponent with a standard dropkick, sending Estrada to the outside.  Edge let out a scream before launching himself over the top rope and connecting with a somersault senton.  Edge fires up the crowd on the outside and make his way back into the ring as referee Tim White quickly counted out Estrada.  Replays showed that Edge’s right leg connected with Estrada’s cranium, breaking his neck in the process.  Edge had his hand raised in victory, as he briefly celebrated his first win before making exit through the crowd. It wasn’t the ideal way to pick up your first win in WWE, but Edge would capitalize on his screen time, becoming a staple of WWE’s product for a nearly 15-year career.

Adam “Edge” Copeland had one of the most decorated careers of all-time as he won 31 championships throughout his WWE tenure.  Edge has the distinction of being a 4-time WWE champion, 7-time World Heavyweight Champion, 5-time Intercontinental Champion, United States champion, Hardcore champion, 2-time WWE Tag Team champion, and 12-time World Tag Team Champion (7 of those won with best friend and legendary tag team partner, Christian).  Edge’s championship accolades, parallel his successes as the winner of the 2001 King of the Ring, first ever Money in the Bank winner at WrestleMania 21, and 2010 Royal Rumble winner.  Any aspiring wrestler would want their career to emulate that of WWE Hall of Famer Edge.  Albeit, cut short due to a career ending neck injury in 2012, Edge’s passion and innate ability as a performer continues to impact the WWE universe in groundbreaking proportions.


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