Internal Reaction to DiBiase’s WWE Departure, Why He Left on His Own


– The news that Ted DiBiase Jr. is leaving WWE did not come as much of a surprise internally and wasn’t met with much reaction, seen as just a “shrug” to some. Apparently DiBiase had talked privately among some of his co-workers about leaving as of late.

It’s said that DiBiase realized he was stuck in a position on the bottom of the ladder, on the road every week but not being booked. DiBiase felt that if he left on his own, people in WWE might respect him more and one day if they want him for something, he could come back and mean something.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. I don’t see how he’ll get respect by leaving on his own. The company will move on. No offense to the guy but he wasn’t a major player.

  2. His not being used should have motivated him to create something marketable. His leaving only showed how unmotivated and creative he may have been perceived.

    • Its called training and Superstars and Main event. Do you think that when Jack Swagger was in the Dog house he got out by just saying pick me pick me? no he had to train and build his Creds back up again.

  3. He should have learned a few things from his Dad. Creative can only do so much to put you on TV. If you aren’t able to promote a persona for yourself…then what can WWE do?

    And from what I saw…WWE did several things to promote him at first…but everytime he came out to the ring..that was the signal for audiences to grab a sandwich or hit the bathroom.

    Just being a wrestler isn’t enough…you have to make people want to come out and see you. Hulk Hogan is a perfect example of that…the guy probably has the worst wrestling techniques in the business…but he created a persona that made people want to come and see him.

    And just being the son of a famous persona wrestler and riding his coattails isn’t enough.

    • actually Hogan is a Horrible example because he actually can wrestle…Americanized Hogan and what most people know as wrestling only know the Big Boot / Leg Drop combo..that was all Vince’s doing…check out Hogan’s Japan matches…

      • I find it funny that just because 1 person says something that another person doesn’t like, that that person starts the middle school name calling game. Yes those 3 are major ass kissers, Cena wouldn’t even have a job if he kept his bright orange hotpants (kissed ass to get out of them for a stupid rap gimmick and what’s sad they have him hold the title forever until he gets hurt of course, just so when he comes back they can give it back, another ass kisser shot). Orton got suspended twice for failing drug tests (if not for kissing ass and/or sucking d*** he wouldn’t have a job). HHH has been f***ing his bosses daughter for 10+ years (no more needs to be said there).

        • WWE is loving the reaction fans like you and the rest of the universe are having to daniel bryan being screwed over. You know very well their going to put the belt on Daniel Bryan at a major ppv next year. Im thinking WrestleMania in a match against CM Punk.

          • Since I said nothing about Bryan at all (its funny how you think so). Yes I know he’ll get the belt.

          • Bryant wasn’t screwed over the money in the bank proves it. They are all three busted there ass that’s all I am am saying not ass kissers I agree d. Bryant vs cm punk at wm but it will still be over shadowed by ether sting or cena vs undertaker.

        • JR I had that name since I was in middle school I never had to change anything. Cena Busted his ass not only for his colors what you need to be dark colors. 2 Rap so what he can talk. 3 he doesn’t need 500 moves that just stupid. 4 He helps with family and make a wish. Orton Ohhhhhhhhhh he failed well 2 drug test so what he had to work from the bottom to get back to the top again look what happen to swagger he is on a losing streak and he was bound to have the title around him again. and three HHH whats wrong with Steph and HHH being married for the last 10+ year doesn’t mean he kisses ass even if he does steph isn’t a ugly lady. I sorry but no go try again.

          • I not upset I am a fan of all wrestling you got that right I knew Abyss before he was a star he wrestled in NWF it was a cool wrestling org. Then there IWGP and ROH and still NWA to name a few not to mention I am huge into all sports but Yeah I would have love to become a wrestler Never had the body for it to skinny till my 30s and I been in a ring 5 times coolest things on the ropes I thought was cool my dream is to be on a WWE RING.

      • He forgot those are people who put the company before themselves. Orton has never been a kiss ass. Triple h was a degenerate before becoming COO. Cena had the doctor of thuganomics gimmick before he became the Cenation leader. Daniel Bryan will win the title eventually but for now Orton having the belt and being the face of the company while Cena is out is whats best for business. Orton is the perfect heel champion wwe needs right now and Bryan is the perfect face to challenge him for the title. Triple h was becoming boring as a face. Triple H is better at being a heel and cerebal assassin. Besides many guys like Matt should have known Orton was going to cash in and walk out of SummerSlam as champion. Thats why im not all outraged about it. The storyline will elevate Daniel Bryan. Hell Mankind chased the title for a long time and what happened he ended up being champion.

  4. If he was smart like Curtis Axel he would have joined Paul Heyman’s stable. After the whole legacy angle with Orton and Rhodes he fell off the map completely. Look where Orton and Rhodes are in their careers. Rhodes is a two intercontinental champion and four time tag team champion. Orton is a 10 ten time world champion, 1 time intercontinental and tag champion, winner of money in the bank, royal rumble, the seventeenth triple crown champion, and the youngest world champion ever in wwe history. Whats Dibiase Jr’s excuse? you can have all the potential and talent in the world but if you do not know how to market yourself nobody is going to know who you are. Cody Rhodes is a future world champion. It all comes down to being in the right place at the right time.

    • No argue there But just remember he wasn’t the youngest WWE champion that’s Brock. Diabiase Jr wasn’t right in WWE kinda like Santino, Sin Cara, or Zack Ryder. Some have talent then some just make titles look bad. I agree Rhodes is a Future World Champion. I expect great things from him. I think he finally realizes it.


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