Internal Reaction to Jarrett’s TNA Departure, Was He Forced to Resign?


– Jeff Jarrett’s departure from TNA does not appear to come from a forced resignation. People very close to Jarrett are being quiet about why he left but the impression is being given that they aren’t upset about it.

Regarding TNA reaction, none of the office workers or wrestlers talking say they saw it coming. Internally, TNA is downplaying Jarrett’s departure, saying it’s not as bad as it seems and that TNA is bigger than just one man.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. Jeff Jarret practically had his company stolen from him. He was down to 30% ownership and had absolutely no input in recent years. It was really noticeable when he got suspended. When has Vince, HHH or any of the McMahons ever suspended? Dixie is a fledgeling owner and he’s probably sick of sinking money into something doesn’t reflect him.


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