Is Cesaro Going To Get A New Theme?, Swagger’s 100th Loss


— WWE is working on a new entrance theme for Cesaro. They have him coming out to no music for now as they think it would be a good talking point, it’s only meant to be for the short term. It’s unknown exactly when Cesaro’s new theme will debut.

— According to the North American Wrestling Rankings blog, Jack Swagger has suffered his 100th loss on TV. The blog tracks wrestlers records going back to 2006, and Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are the only performers with 100 or more loses. They won’t be alone for long; Kofi Kingston [99], The Miz [94], and Zack Ryder [90] are right behind them.

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  1. They are going with this “king of swing” thing… so big band music?? It’d be a major mistake, but I could see them doing it.


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