Jerry Lawler Travels to Wrong City for Tuesday’s Tapings


After Monday’s Raw, Jerry “The King” Lawler stayed in Austin, TX overnight and then drove 3 hours the wrong direction on I-35, ending up in Dallas, not Laredo. Lawler had to call WWE and arrange a flight in order to make it to Laredo in time for the television tapings.

Lawler also got a lot of flack from staff for not being able to make it to the right city after 40 years in the business. Michale Cole even went on to mention the incident in a Tweet, writing, “@JerryLawler drove 4 hours north to go 7 hours south but he made it to Laredo for #raw”

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  1. There’s a thing Bill Clinton called “The Information Super Highway.” There’s a thing on your smartphone Mr Lawler called a GPS that will tell you where to go and show you on a map your physical location and where to drive. Let’s get with the times Sir.

  2. I think this proves that senile old Jerry Lawler needs to retire so we can all be spared of his god awful mumbling disguised as commentary.


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