Jesse Sorensen Comments on TNA Departure


Jesse Sorensen is now accepting wrestling bookings at Sorensen has already been booked for his first show since being released from TNA. Sorensen will appear at the NWA Florida Underground event on Saturday, July 27th at the Sports Center in Tampa Bay.

Speaking of Soresen, he wrote the following on his Facebook page in regards to his departure from TNA Wrestling:

“Although I am very appreciative of the time of small fame I was given. I have realized that what’s important in life isn’t being a “superstar” or being famous. It’s about having Real friends & family that support you no matter what you’ve been thru & care about you no matter what you do in life. Thank you to every one of y’all that support me. I’m always going to be that small town kid that was raised right & still believe that someone’s word is their bond. I look very forward to moving on with positivity & look forward to seeing what life brings my way.”

Sorensen surpassed the $600 he was trying to raise to help with a bodybuilding contest in less than a day.

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