Jim Ross Q&A: WWE Done with Heyman?, Future WWE Projects, Undertaker & More

Posted by Steve Carrier on Thursday, November 21st, 2013


WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has recently updated his Q&A section on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions he answered.

Now that there is no Paul Heyman guys, have we seen the last of Paul Hayman: No…Heyman is too valuable to WWE at this time for him to be dormant too long.

Doing future WWE projects: Me doing any more projects with WWE in the future is completely up to them as that ball is in their court.

Most interesting opponents for Undertaker at WrestleMania: Realistically if I were to suggest someone it would e someone who’s under contract to WWE of which Sting isn’t. I’d suggest Lesnar is likely the leader in the club house as we speak but I don’t know who will face Taker at WM30. Cena will someday but likely in Taker’s last match when ever that will be.

Working with Paul Orndorff: Intense at times and generally all business.

Does Big E Langston remind you of Pistol Pez Whatley: Perhaps because they are both black men but other than that not much to me.

EXCLUSIVE: Fans want Fresh Faces! Why doesn’t WWE?

  • Ozzy TYSON

    If WWE doesn’t bring in Sting, or better yet GOLDBERG, to face ‘TAKER at WM XXX, then I don’t know if the PPV’s even gonna be worth the money. I damn sure don’t wanna see THE DEADMAN’s annual appearance wasted on Lesnar. Why WWE has been puttin’ up with his egotistical @$$ is beyond me. Sheamus? Eh. I’d just as soon see THE PHENOM take on a member of the Shield. But WWE is supposedly settin’ them up for a WrestleMania match vs the Wyatts.Hmmm. What if they got Lashley to come back…

  • Eyam Ova-Urazis

    I’d rather it not be Lesnar. A match between two guys who aren’t regulars on TV just doesn’t mean as much. Also, I think it’s interesting that JR says Cena vs Taker WILL happen, but likely in Taker’s last match. He didn’t specifically say last “Wrestlemania match”. Since it’s customary for the guy leaving to lose his last match, I hope it’s not to Cena at Wrestlemania.

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