Jimmy Hart Comments on Hulk Hogan Appearing at WrestleMania

Posted by Steve Carrier on Thursday, November 14th, 2013


WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart told Ring Posts that Hulk Hogan plans on being at next year’s WrestleMania XXX pay-per-view event.

“Hogan knew I was doing this press tour with WWE promoting the DVD,” Hart told The Baltimore Sun. “He told me to say exactly this: Hulk Hogan will be at WrestleMania if he has to buy a ticket and sit at ringside.

“I think he can step into the ring one more time. We have a school in Florida, and he stepped into the ring there and did some stuff, and he looked great. As his friend, I’d be the first one to say, ‘Listen Hulk, do us a favor, just go out to the ring to Real American, say OK Brother, rip the shirt, do the pose, sign a bunch of autographs and people will still be just as happy,’ … but he does have a couple of good matches left in him, he really does. I’ve got my fingers crossed we see something at WrestleMania.”

Jimmy also said that fans would like to see Hogan face John Cena at WrestleMania.

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  • The huntress in the night

    Hogan vs Cena = 5 moves + 5 moves = a 10 point snoozefest

    • Stepdaddy Jugovich

      Hogan , Cena , Sammartino . The 3 Greatest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time !!

      • Louisa Baton

        You’re funnyt! LOL

        • Jeff Rittenour

          Sammartino, Hogan, Austin and Cena ARE the greatest of all time. Who gives a shit HOW GOOD you ‘wrestle’ if no pays to watch your watch….cuz in the end it’s all ‘fake’ anyways (lookin at you FLAIR, HBK & HITMAN)…Only Kurt Angle is the true best of the best cuz he had it ALL. Laughing at or making fun of cena only shows your an idiot and have no idea what you’re talking about,..or you’re a girl.

          • Louisa Baton

            Wow, I wrote you’re funny and you managed to turn that into my making fun of John Cena. Can you turn my nearly empty wallet into a full of money purse?

  • Ralph Ramos

    Hulk Hogans gonna take some poor deserving guy’s spot. He needs to sit his ass down at ringside and watch from there. Jimmy Hart wants to see him take on John Cena. Shit, he wishes. At a mere 60 years of age, he wouldn’t even be able to wrestle Hornswoggle.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      Yeah NOT like crippled ass Undertaker or ego mad Triple H. Those guys don’t take ANYONE’S spot do they….Shut up. NONE of these SHITTY guys who wrest- errr, ‘entertain’ nowadays would even HAVE a job if not for Hogan. STFU.

      • Ralph Ramos

        No, you STFU. First of all, Undertaker can still hack it. (At least once a year). He always delivers a good performance, and people wanna see him put his streak on the line. As for HHH, he needs to make up his mind whether he wants to be a wrestler or an executive. But Hogan is well past his prime, and its time for him to go.
        Perhaps you wanna see Wheel Chair Wrestling, but I don’t. This guy can barely walk. His last match against Ric Flair in Australia was a joke. His only moves were punch to the head, elbow, and a boot to the face. That’s probably acceptable to you, but not to any intelligent wrestling fan.

        • Bob Roe

          Intelligent wrestling fan? If you read what you were going to post before you posted it, you would have just erased it and gone back to asking your mommy for another glass of milk and a cookie plate. Hulk Hogan paved the way for these other guys to make the money that they make and the notoriety that they have. Do you really think there would be a Total Divas show on E if it wasn’t for Hogan and his ability to play to the media? A media that, by the way, back in the 1980′s didn’t consist of dirt sheets or the internet. He earned his stripes, or laces on his boots, as it were, the old fashioned way, he worked for them. He appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated for chris’ sake. You wrote Undertaker at least has a…A…meaning one…good match in him a year. Cool. I’m happy for him. He wrestles once a year. Nobody cares anymore. Nobody gives a crud about his streak, that is a lot like Goldberg’s streak…contrived. Everyone that has grown up on wrestling from the 70′s on up wants to see Hogan come back to were it all started for him and at least do the three moves he has been doing his whole career…A fist to the head, a boot to the face and a leg drop for the one two three. You talk about his limitations, that’s fine. He has been limited his whole career. It isn’t about his limitations, it’s about what he can still ellicit from the crowd. And that is what we are all heere for…To be entertained.

          • Ralph Ramos

            First of all Dork, I don’t live with my mom like you do. So go back to sucking mommy’s titty. Next, I didn’t say anything about Hogan not being the catalyst for the WWE. I merely said that he shouldn’t be in Wrestlemania in a wrestling capacity. If you think he should, watch him, I don’t give a shit.

          • Bob Roe

            What was that all about little man…? “No I’m not, you are…!” “No I don’t, you do…!” What are you, a 10 year old little girl…? I never once said you didn’t say he wasn’t the catalyst for the wrestlers of today, all I said was he should be given the respect he is due, and he has had the 3 same moves for over 30 years…Oh, and I also said you live with your mother…”Dork…” Wow…did you get that out of a thesaurus…? Oh, and just in case you don’t know..a thesaurus is not a dinosaur, it’s a book, with words, and meanings and alternate wording…I’m just tryin’ to help you out… “Dork”… I’m still laughing….

  • Louisa Baton

    People in WWE don’t wrestle and what they do manage to do takes less than 7 minutes. Hogan can’t wrestler anymore and I don’t know why people think that he’s going to do it. He has had at least two hip replacements and you have to have a clearance and an up to date wrestling license which he won’t and does not. Once you turn a certain age it’s very hard to get one even if you’re healthy. Mae Young took bumps though WWE might think that was wrestling; it was not. That’s about the extent that Hogan can go and I’m being nice because Mae is older and in much better condition.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Hogan vs Taker. No. 1 match, Hogan vs Cena No. 2 match. Nothing else matters… Hogan should end the streak and let both of those guys retire – cuz I GOT NEWS FOR IDIOTS, UNDERTAKER IS IN WORSE SHAPE THAN HOGAN…and NONE of you young punks have ANY IDEA what a true ‘wrestling god’ Hulk Hogan is…Shut up, sit down and let us watch the best of all time THEN you sit back and have fun watching your 3MBs, and Santinos, and your Hornswoggles, and you USO’s, and Mizs and your Rybacks, and Tons of Funks, and you Shaemus’ etc, etc, etc… YOU guys have SHIT for wrestler and NONE will EVER be good enough to LACE hogan’s BOOTS…fucktards.

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