John Cena Continues to Hype WWE Return, Post-HIAC Feud Revealed, More


– John Cena made an appearance on SportsNation on ESPN 2 earlier this week. You can check out footage embedded in the video below.

– John Cena is advertised to face Del Rio at WWE live events following the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. He has also been announced for the November 4th Raw taping at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC.

– John Cena continued to hype his WWE return at Hell in a Cell later this month, writing on Twitter, “Good morning everybody. Glad people are having fun with #Caprisun video. 18 days…real fun starts! #thechampishere #evenstronger”

NEW WWE GAME: Find John Cena’s Head….

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  1. We all know WWE is giving Cena the title, it’s stupid. WWE wont let anyone else will run with the belt as long as Cena’s around, that’s the stupid part. Cena needs to belt to keep living I guess

    • If anyone else got the reaction, ratings, and merchandise sales that Cena does, that wouldn’t be the case. He’s doing something right, and not only that, but he’s doing that something better than anyone else. Why wouldn’t he have the title? And it’s the WHC. Daniel Bryan is still in the running for the WWE title, the supposedly more meaningful title. What’s the problem?

      Also ADR is f***ing horrible and everyone should be happy he’s getting the title taken from him.

      • Ok i agree, with ppl being tired of him being champion, adr has been champion for quite sum time now, BUT WHY CENA??????, there’s many ppl(including ziggler) who should be champion, but they’re gonna stick to the same boring 10 year run guy??, and who cares if cena sells merchandise, it’s only kids buying it anyway, and prolly the reason parents buy it is to support their kids, BUT that doesn’t make up for the fact that cena SUCKS IN THE RING!!!!, his moves is played out, his character is played out, he just flat out sucks huge d*** and balls, hell @ this point i’d rather see big show as champion than cena, mark henry as champion, hell you kno what give it to christian, give it to wade barrett, wade barrett is actually one of my favorites, him and dolph ziggler, cmon man were tired of cena, ANYBODY would draw more than him, cause change is better

        • I agree, but the reason he’s getting the title is because people look at the WHC as a secondary title and not as important or meaningful as the WWE Championship.

          They hope that by giving Cena the title, people will pay more attention to it.

        • Here’s the thing though. It doesn’t matter what you want. It doesn’t matter that it’s only kids buying his merchandise (untrue anyways). Merchandise sales is merchandise sales. And you wanna know who cares about sales? The WWE, you f***ing idiot. They’re a BUSINESS. They want to make MONEY. The people that make them the most MONEY will be considered the best and most successful.

          If you seriously think Cena sucks in the ring you hate him waaaay too much. No matter what you say, he has proven time and time again he can bring it when he needs to. The problem is he very often doesn’t need to. Cena can have a bad match and only do five moves and people will still watch it. Because he’s John f***ing Cena.

          You are a smark. The most selfish of all wrestling fans. You refuse to see the big picture and bash a wrestler when YOU don’t like them. You want the product to cater to YOU. You think you know what the fans want, but you really, really don’t.

          • What the f*** you mean he can bring it when he needs to??, HE’S THE ONLY PERSON WRESTLING FOR THE BELT DUMB F***!!!!!, HIS NAME IS CALLED MORE THAN ANY F***IN BODY ON THE ROSTER!!!!!!, got damn man, ppl think they kno everything, and for the record, it IS only kids buyin that overrated superstar clothing and wristbands and bulls*** t-shirts, fruit loop fake ass rapper, f*** john cena, you kno, i haven’t always hated him, when he was a bad guy, he kinda got my attention a little more than he does now, BUT 10 YEARS SAME S***??, am I the ONLY person think he’s WAYYYYYYYYYYYY over used and over due??, listen if you wanna bash me fine, go ahead, but they’re are REAL wrestlers in that company that can @least pull a decent drop kick/suplex etc, and has more things interesting to say than ” YOU CAN”T SEE ME”, no wonder why this guy gets booed every f***in wrestlemania, HE”S NOT A WRESTLER, he’s a gimmic, and wwe needs a change bottom line, case closed

          • OH and fyi, i’m NOT the only person in the world that hates john cena, this guy has been tested around the world to get booed outta arenas, so no it’s not about me it’s about the ADULTS around the world who wants this guy to break his neck like edge did and retire, even with the belt we all will kno he’s not comin back, i don’t wish death on nobody, but i would rather see what happened to edge done to cena, that would make me and the rest of the millions of ppl who don’t like that cat happy, it’s not about me, but i’m tired of seeing this guy gettin shoved down our throats and he’s mister goody to shoes, his gimmic is tired man, and by the way, i love this discussion, you keep goin about cena, and i’ll keep s***tin on him, cause facts are facts, he sells his t-shirts, i’ll give him that, but merchandise don’t make him a good wrestler, and if it’s money you wanna talk, him and rock wrestled for 2 wrestlemania’s straight, what good did that do??, ppl got sick of it, i got sick of it, millions of ppl was complaining, therefore wm numbers went down, and it will continue until thery get rid of that cancer

    • They’re giving Cena the belt due to the reaction the belts been getting. No one cares about the WHC, it’s like the Intercontinental Championship and US championship now. They hope that giving the title to Cena will make people care more about it.

      Just be happy he’s not going for the WWE Championship.

      • You think its because of the WHC relevance?? Its nothing more than abysmal PPVs and ratings dropping… The WHC title hasn’t needed Cena since He beat Edge and Show @ WM….Del Rio needs a challenger, Sheamus is hurt, RVD is taking time off, Ziggs ( for whatever reason ) isn’t in the picture..I could go on and on but hopefully you get my drift…And for the hardcore NON Cena fans…they teased us with the thoughts of not seeing Cena for the remainder of the year, only to take the joy away…This is what happens when you have a roster full of talent but only push a few…We get Cenamas

  2. You are not seeing the big picture Murlin. It doesn’t matter if it’s mostly kids buying his merchandise. Money is money no matter where it comes from. As long as he is making WWE the most cash, he will stay on top. I mean seriously can you blame them? I sure as hell wouldn’t take a huge pay cut if I had the option.


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