John Cena Reveals The Greatest Shame of His Career

Posted by Steve Carrier on Thursday, October 10th, 2013

John Cena

John Cena spoke to Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones of ESPN’s Highly Questionable Show about the greatest shame of his career.

“Losing to the Rock at WrestleMania 28 in Miami. I spent a year telling everybody how important that match was to me, and how proud I am of all of this. The Rock was gracious enough to come back to the WWE and perform for one time and one time only, for WrestleMania 28 in his home town.”

Cena was asked why he was upset with the outcome of the match even though it was pre-determined.

“There is a giant underlying story that you may or may not know about. I really would have liked to be on top that night. It’s the good with the bad. The unique thing about the WWE is that it’s sport and that it’s entertainment, and it’s the best of both. Everybody wants to be the Super Bowl champion but there can only be one. And it was a bit of a disappointment that on that night I couldn’t be.”

“That’s one of those stories that years from they’re gonna put Dwayne Johnson on one seat at a table, and me at another seat at a table, and I’ll be smoking a cigar and we’ll both be drinking something out of a coffee cup. We’ll tell that story then … It’s an interesting story, and obviously it’s one that you want to hear about. So hopefully some day at the right time you will.”

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  • Josh Cervera

    The rock destroyed him entirely with that little kid promo..The when he had the “rock concert” he said basically said he cheated on his wife..Next thing we know Eve left the company and Cena got divorced. Coincidence hmmm I think not..

    • Mr. Baker

      I was always told it was Kelly Kelly that prompted the Cena divorce…meh ..Who really cares tho…??

      • Josh Cervera

        Not sure who it was really, I just found kinda suspicious the order in which it happened.. Funny how art imitates

        • Mr. Baker

          For all we know it was Both…at least we know Melina left because of Batista hahahahaha…God I miss those Splits

        • Mr. Baker

          I just don’t get it tho….If you were a wrestler and knocking down the divas..WTF would you allow it to get loose?? Cena fucked the game up…Broke the G code..

  • Edward Ritlop

    Thought he was gonna say when he started his current character! lol and Rock totally looked crisper then him in the ring & Rock would’ve out wrestled him if he didn’t tear his abdomen. Cena should be embarrassed he can’t he could NEVER draw ppvs like Rock, Austin HBK, Taker, HHH or even Edge.

  • Edward Ritlop

    Oh & screwing around on his fiancé with Victoria before he was married & her cleaning him out for 1/2 his earnings. That’s why he’s juicing up to come back & recoup his loses. Lol and he’s supposed to be role model for kids?? Fuck please

    • Mr. Baker

      hahahaha He sucks so bad ppl forget he got a divorce…

  • allan

    lmao wat it was fake

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