John Cena Tweets Photo of Scars, Bella Twins Hype Sunday’s Total Divas

Posted by Steve Carrier on Saturday, September 7th, 2013

John Cena

- John Cena tweeted a new photo of his scars following the removal of his stitches with the following comment:

“Daily dose of scar stuff. Will post some less gut wrenching pics of rehab later #evenstronger @WWEUniverse @eonline”

New Closeup of John Cena s Scares

- The Bella Twins hyped tomorrow’s episode of WWE Total Divas, writing on Twitter, “While the other Divas or whatever we r callin that jelly group is drinkin their haterade, this Sunday #TotalDivas has a NEW episode! 10pm ET”

EXCLUSIVE: Which company used the same talent better?

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    John Cena would die if he didn’t get attention. The Bella’s are getting too cocky since total diva’s

    • Mr. Baker

      What Hoes don’t like to get all saditty being in the light?? They thirsty..let em drink…never thought I would say TNA has something over WWE, but they got womens wrestling beat..Hell WWE wouldn’t even have them in the ring if it wasn’t for that damn Barbie belt…Women’s wrestling died with the creation of it

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        There was a time long long ago that women’s wrestling was true wrestling (not all the fake tits and glam you see today)

        • Mr. Baker

          I’ll say they stopped caring in ’07…It’s sad really, they have a roster full of light-heavyweights/cruiserweights yet the belt is now defunct, but we have to sit thru 3-5 min Divas matches???Horrible

  • Dave Humphrey

    i wouldn’t be surprised if the bella twin in the fatal 4 way at night of champions win the diva’s title fronm Aj

  • Ralph Ramos

    John C-Note, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID SCARS!!! GET OVER YOURSELF YOU OVER-INFLATED VINCE MCMAHON PUPPET!!! You probably send Nikki Bella pics of your worm Anthony Weaner!!!! Her reply is “Now I really can’t see you!”

    • allan

      He’s isn’t going to read that lol

  • Guest

    Allen’s right dude, Cena isn’t going to see that. Even if he did he wouldn’t care, seeing as his act of Vince’s puppet makes him more money in a week then we all make in a year………………. I wish I was a puppet

  • Ralph Ramos

    But you are Alana. LOL .And Dude, if you don’t have the balls to use your name, then In don’t care about what you say ;)

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