JoJo Targeting The Divas Championship, This Week’s Backstage Fallout


– This week on “Backstage Fallout” for Raw, Santino Marella addresses his much-anticipated return to the squared circle. Plus, Natalya celebrates her big win before heading into a title match at Night of Champions, and Fandango comments on interrupting The Miz.

– The mother of Total Divas star JoJo, Alexie Offerman, spoke to about her daughter, Justin Gabriel, the E! reality show and WWE. During the interview, she reveals that her daughter has her sights set on capturing the Divas Championship.

“From the very first day of training, she came home and said to me, “Oh my God mom, I found home away from home, I love the feeling of wrestling and its challenges!” said Offerman. “For 6 weeks this little girl couldn’t get roughed up enough!! Let me let you in on something — after filming the first 8 episodes of Total Divas, her and Eva Marie went back to training at NXT from 9 to 5 on a daily basis. She was ecstatic about all the moves she was learning from Sara Del Rey, then the news came that Total Divas was picked up for 6 more episodes and while she was happy for the extension of the show, she was also disappointed for the interruption of her daily training!! Yes she has expressed to us how much she loves the Ring and how she would love to someday/some year earn the Championship Belt!! She just turned 19… Stay tuned!”

– WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk and Manny Fernandez participated in a wrestling seminar on Saturday that was filmed for an upcoming RF Video release.

Maryse Looking FINE in a Tight Green Dress….


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