JR, Eve Torres, Jillian Hall and The Bellas Comment on WWE Total Divas


– Here are several reactions from the wrestling world on last night’s premiere of WWE Total Divas:

Jillian Hall: “I’m a bit speechless and that’s pretty rare! I’m just sayin… Pretty unrealistic that newbies would come in with that attitude. Just doesn’t happen or your life is miserable.”

The Bella Twins: “That’s a wrap! Until next Sunday! Hope you all loved #TotalDivas !!! All 7 of us are excited to bring you all into our lives! Besos! B&N”

Eve Torres: “The girls kept it so real! Felt like I was back in the locker room LOL! It was awesome seeing the girls shine tonight #TotalDivas”

Jim Ross: “#TotalDivas reminds me of my days in #wwe talent relations when we went from just few divas 2 locker room full. Challenging times. @eonline”

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