Kaitlyn Comments on Layla’s Turn, Bring a WWE Legend to Your House, More


– WWE’s “WrestleMania 29: The World Television Premiere” airs on NBC tonight at 9pm EST and will feature highlights from WrestleMania 29 plus the entire John Cena vs. The Rock match.

– FAN SLAM! has announced that WWE Legend King Kong Bundy will come to your house and watch RAW on Monday night with you and your friends, for a fee of course. Fans in the New Jersey area can e-mail [email protected] for more information, or visit their Facebook page.

– As seen on last night’s SmackDown, Layla turned on Kaitlyn and sided with AJ Lee. Kaitlyn tweeted after the turn:

“I hope AJ and Layla are very happy together. I mean, they share common interests; back stabbing and long walks on the beach.”

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  1. Layla an Aj go Together perfect heal girls, Kaitlyn get Dolph to help you what will Make AJ go nuts and its time for you to get a real Friend maybe NXT girl for example JoJo or Rick Flairs dughter

  2. If Kaityn could drop a few pounds, she would be more agile in the ring. She could be awesome in the ring. She is just a little too heavy. The same goes for that girl named ODB in the other organization.

    • your a douche odb is a great wrestler and her extra weight helps her do powerhouse moves. and stacey keibler was a freakin twig and she blew in the ring you dont knw wat your talking about dude

  3. haha watching tv with bundy would be like watching tv with anyone i mean he was most likely going to be doing that anyways lmao and no disrespect cause hes a legend but hes not very involved in wrestling for the longest time.

  4. King Kong Bundy will watch Raw with you for a fee? Isn’t it bad enough that he’s gonna wipe out your whole fridge? I would rather watch Raw with my friends and family. It does cost me, but at least I don’t have to pay them and they’re fun to be around.


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