Ken Anderson Discusses The SpikeTV/TNA Issues, NYC Crowd, More


Ken Anderson recently spoke with Main Event Radio, here are the highlights…

On TNA’s Negotiations With Spike TV: “I’m sure that both sides will come to some sort of agreement. In the end, whatever is going to be best for both worlds will end up happening. I’m very optimistic that if we stay at Spike it will be for the good. And if we end up leaving, we make things for wherever we go.”

On Working For TNA: “I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve continued to travel all over the world, meet the greatest fans in the world; wrestle the greatest talents in the world. Championship gold is always on my mind. That being said, one of my big priorities is always entertaining people. Going out there and telling them a story, and just having fun. This is one of the coolest jobs anyone can ever hope for. Any time that I start to feel aches or pains, tired from traveling; I just got back from the UK so I’m jetlagged. When I start to feel sort of sorry for myself, I remember how damn cool this job is.”

On Taping at the Hammerstein Ballroom: “It’s phenomenal. There’s so much history in this building. The fans here turn it up for a level that we do not see in many other places. Every once in a while you’ll run into a crowd that is really rambunctious, that really likes to get into things. This crowd loves to chant, loves to be entertained. If they aren’t entertained, then they like to entertain themselves. It can be scary, nerve-wracking as a performer. If I go out there and I don’t entertain them, they will entertain themselves; at my expense.

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