Kevin Nash Rips TNA Storyline, Kurt Angle Appearing at The Ultimate Teen Challenge


– Kevin Nash wrote the following in regards to TNA’s on-going investor storyline from Thursday’s Impact Wrestling episode:

“Watched the 1st 8mins of TNA.If its a private company how can anyone attempt a hostile takeover?Wouldn’t Dixie’s father have to be behind it… who’s booking?”

– Kurt Angle is scheduled to appear at The Ultimate Teen Challenge at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival on March 1st and 2nd at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH.

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  1. ya the shows actually really good but dixie is a big problem,i like rockstar spud its good britsh humor ,but dixie is worse then big johnny way worse

  2. Nobody is suppose to notice how unrealistic this is or they would site that Bully was too big to fit in the coffin lol. I’d like a free trip to Dover Downs. I figure since we are being unreasonable why not lol.

    • That’s pretty amusing lol. Could have taken a lesson from the early Taker days where they had caskets of proportionate size for the opponent eg Yoko & Kamala.


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