Konnan Reveals Eight WWE Stars Should Be Tossed


Former WCW Wrestler Konnan feels a number of WWE Superstars should be removed from television–due to poor performance and/or lack of marketability. In response to a fan on Twitter asking him which two talents should be written off television, he responded with eight, including reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, all three members of 3MB, and three WWE Divas.

“Brad Maddox, JoJo, Rosa, 3MB, Axel, Aksana, would write dem off,” said Konnan.

Konnan, however, is high on two wrestlers he feels are underutilized. In response to a question asking who should be pushed, he stated, “Ziggler and Cesaro.”

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  1. I’ll agree with all but Aksana. Good girl, talented, works well, just has zero push to show it off. Her and nattie could have a great feud.

  2. Poor Konnan, jealous s.o.b.. I agree with a few though, Maddox, 3MB, Aksana and Rosa need to go. WWE won’t get rid of that JoJo kid since she’s f***ing Orton, Axel has talent but they wont let him show it.

      • Clumsy in the ring? He’s the one that worked with The Rock for his Royal Rumble match against Punk.

        The Rock actually gave Curtis Axel props saying:

        “One of my favorite ring training partners: @WWE 3rd generation beast Joe Hennig. #TalentedToughAndHumble”

        He’s gotten praise from Jericho, Ziggler, Kidd and Lesnar.

        I’m pretty sure they would know more about wrestling than you.

        • Zuck the F***: Dude, they were supposed to build him up to be something special. He’s NOT GETTING BUILT UP like he was just 2 months ago, you moron! He’s a f***’n clown! Even Ryback, who has legitimate heat from the officials is looking like gold staring at dirt (Axel) right now. GET A CLUE!

          • Resorting to name calling? Are you 12?

            So because management isn’t building him up, that makes him a clown?

            I think it is YOU who needs to get a clue. I’ll admit that Axel needs more charisma, but he’s talented in the ring.

  3. A Curtis Axle match is what we used to call a popcorn match, or now more commonly referred to as a pee break.

    • It;s sad to say but he may never make it. His grandfather is Larry the Ax and his father was Mr. Perfect and combining their names just makes you wish he was more like them. Can you imagine Roddy Piper’s son lol? It’s great when they look different or you don’t know but Ming’s niece my goodness you could put her at a nightclub and say sic! lol I bet she has his temper. The Rock and Randy are the only guys to pull it off and it’s worse when the big shot is your brother, just ask Lanny, and the late Owen. Wow, this kid hasn’t heard the complaints yet just wait until they get the idea to dye his hair and people see just how much he looks like his late father.

  4. Keep Drew McIntyre the guy can work and has all the aggression and charisma, he needs to be repackaged and pushed, WWE can’t afford to loose talented young guys like him.

    • Drew can’t work an armbar… cripes… Heath Slater has much more talent than Drew. Drew’s Visa issues are one of the reasons he’s not getting in good…

  5. Nice to see Konan judging who and who should not be able to put food on their table. Thankfully his opinion doesn’t matter..just like his career.

    • You’ll probably get all the Mexicans on here saying he was great back in the day and a legend in Mexico.

      • they will tell you he was the “Hulk Hogan” of Mexico..no lie I had ppl saying that all the way back in 95/96 in ECW

        • Everyone gets their chance in the industry. Who is Konan to get to say who and who should not have a chance to progress in their careers? He’s coming across as bitter, the only time he was minorly over was he was shouting “arriba la raza!” and one third of the crowd mumbled back..before being squashed in a match…

          • I don’t even think so. He must have been treated like a mid carder so he knw the score, even Eddie was getting better pushes than him. He’s coming across as bitter by being like this.

          • konnan was the main reason for the lucha libre push back in wcw. if it wasn’t for him, rey, eddie, chavo, etc. wouldn’t have gotten where they r in wwe. he brought them into wcw & helped get them where they r today.

          • Who are we but we say it anyway lol.? He’s a talented man that never made it pass mid card because he was mic horrible and had a bad attitude. You could make it in ECW being dull and he just didn’t have the it that promoters like to push. I forgot Eddie and Chavo even though they weren’t brothers but uncle and nephew they are close in age and look at Eddie, he’s been gone for years and they still talk like he is still wrestling at times.

          • It’s one thing to say it on a message board, quite another, live on radio to thousands of listeners, where it can be picked up by websites such as these and relayed to even more people. I can’t and will never agree with what Konnan is doing. If you look at, say, Justin Credible or maybe Lance Storm, guys who are commentating on current story lines or wrestlers, they have the respect not to bury them but rather comment on the booking or how they come across on TV. It’s something altogether to say a company should get rid of so and so. The right angle or the right booking tailored to that individual’s personality at the right time can make them a superstar. Stone Cold is testament to that.

          • I would say something if some was crazy enough to put an open mic in front of me lol. It was a different world for them and they are nicer people. When I heard of Eddie Guerrero getting coffee thrown in his face I knew it was just different somehow, Eddie won in the end because people still rather see him than the guy that did it.

          • There used to be a radio wrestling show I used to listen to, about Eddie eating cornflakes with water and how he was respected within the locker room. You’ll only find the characters doing no hold shoot interviews because they know they have no chance in hell of ever being on WWE TV again. I still dont find the burying aspect agreeable, especially the up and comers trying to make it.

          • I agree that burying people isn’t nice but I hate the interviews that sound like a California flake. You know the ones. I was fired but it was a good thing because the cosmic rays were biting me in my aura so Saturn told me I best move on and that the closed door is open. I was born there and even I know that sounds stupid.

          • You’re a nutter 🙂 Again, he’s taking about discarding people, who the hell is he? And again maybe some of these people are terrible and don’t have a shot in hell in this industry but again who is Konan to say who and who shouldn’t make it. Wrestling is a industry where you do get better with time and more experience. Steve Austin went through all sorts of gimmicks before being allowed to go with the Stone Cold gimmick. Rotunda could have easily been given a say Curt Axel gimmick, yet he gets something he can play with as a character and it fits him to a tee but for every Bray you get a Heath Slater, someone with wrestling talent but no character. Konan should stick to clean commentating. What he says has no relevance, because he is irrelevant. *I write essays freely*

          • Thanks I always try to add a little fun once in awhile. ;)He’s someone that’s bitter because he never really got a chance in the US. It’s just like when we send our guys to other places and they never really get a push.Yeah some do but it’s never as big as it is in the states for them except maybe for the late Dr Death. He was the face of Japan lol.He’s bitter but he says mean things so people listen. People often get mad when they feel they are being held down, imaginary or not. Look at how long Shane Douglas held a grudge. Konnan is the same as New Jack, Honky Tonk or Sheiky baby making a comment. People just happen not to like him more.

          • I hear you, Shane Douglas and New Jack got to experience something most wrestlers only dream of, a sustained push and real hardcore love from their fans during their ECW days. For a time, they were the faces of ECW. Konan was a solid mid-carder nothing more, as a vet in the industry he has a right to comment on the talent, just not to bury them. Guys can make shoot interviews, but like Kevin Nash etc they tend to be about guys that have retired already,not the guys and girls trying to make it.But that’s the lane he’s taking so good luck to him.

          • I hear you as well and I agree that he should knock it off but not because the people are new. We tend to reverse the order of how people should be treated. Respect your elders come to mind. The guys that have retired have put in a lot of blood sweat and tears. Kevin picks at them because he held down a few and was horribly used by Dusty Rhodes when he entered the biz. Vinnie Vegas lol.I’m just glad that HHH cut his hair because he made everyone cut their hair not to look like him. (That was a rumor I don’t know if it was true but it sounded funny lol.)

      • You are the not so secret reason he didn’t make it in wrestling. You and Wyoming boy have issues when it comes to the not so blue-eyed talent lol. Incidentally, he’s not from Mexico, just wrestled there a lot but then. I know you didn’t call him Mexican but he wrestled in the US and you made a point to same Mexicans like no one else ever watched him.

  6. Well axle has some potential, however 3mb is horrible. Drew was good before, but has gotten bad as of late. I’d give him one more push. Wwe needs to push ziggler,sandow, Cesaro, Barrett. And why is
    Golddust there in drag. Let dustin Be himself already.

    • Dustin is the one who wanted to be Goldust. Goldust was HIS creation, not the creation of the WWE. He is Goldust because that’s who he wants to be, not because they are forcing him to be.

  7. I’m not a big Konnen fan, but I agree with his assessment. You can try to give Curtis Axel a fancy name and a high profile manager, but he’s still Joe Hennig. He’s not his grandpa, and he’s definitely not his father. He has big shoes to fill, which makes things even tougher on him.
    3MB are obviously a joke, and the only reason they still have a job is because they need somebody to do JOBS.
    Brad Maddox, JoJo, Rosa, and Aksana add nothing to the show. Maddox looks like a flunky from Are You Smarter than a 5th grader. JoJo and Rosa are just there to add eye candy. Aksana is also there to make the ring prettier, but isn’t much of a presence and doesn’t make enough of an impact in the ring. Nobody really cares about her.
    Konnen has a done a few things to rub people the wrong way, including myself. But he is dead on on his assessment of this talent, if you wanna call them that.

  8. I guess I’m out of line for saying this but I wish WWE would focus on what’s talent rather than if the butt cheeks and breast can pop out of clothing. Mischef is an ROH wrestle and I doubt if more than a few of you have heard of her. She’s a great wrestler and you’d probably like her looks but don’t look too long because she married to Michael Elgin lol. She is one of the top bars on the stick and would be a good fit in any promotion. I wish WWE would stop the Hue Hefner-like beauty contests and find some real women with wrestling skills.

    • As well as Cheeleader Melissa, Saraya Knight, Jessicka Havok and Sara Del Rey.

      Well, Del Rey actually IS in WWE, but as a trainer at NXT.

  9. axel’s good…he just needs more work…he’s a winner..just like his dad…maybe more of a gimmick like Mr.P had


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