Last Night’s RAW Commentary, Goldberg Still Training, Edge and Jericho


– Part 2 of Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast interview with WWE Hall of Famer Edge is available at this link.

– While last night’s Christmas RAW was taped a week ago, JBL and Michael Cole did voice-over work live from WWE headquarters in Stamford.

– If WWE does reach an agreement for Bill Goldberg to return at WrestleMania XXX, he will be in great shape. Goldberg noted on Twitter that he still trains 6 days a week.

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  1. Goldberg is one man who doesn’t deserve to be at WM30. He clearly has no love for the business or the WWE. You made your money, Bill, now stay home.

    • goldberg deserves to be at wm 30 just as much as hogan or undertaker that wrestle one time a year for a big pay day

  2. I wish Goldberg was a bit more humble and down to earth. He ended Bret Hart’s career and does’nt even care.

  3. GOLDBERG was ASKED to get into wrestling. WCW built his character into what it was because he was a hit with fans, then ran him into the ground with CONSTANT “run-in” and “interference” matches, and whenWWE finally talked him into coming in, that’s why he only signed a one-year deal: because he wanted to see if they were gonna treat him the same way, which they did, so he got out. The man was intelligent enough to have other things goin’ on, so he didn’t NEED the business. Now, ten years later, you see WWE still tryin’ to profit off GOLDBERG’s enduring popularity by rebooting Skip Sheffield’s character. GOLDBERG has been talking to WWE for a few years about coming back for one big match so his son can see him wrestle. WWE would be foolish not to capitalize on his fanbase while they still can. GOLDBERG vs UNDERTAKER at WM XXX!!!


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