Latest on Hulk Hogan’s Status for BFG, Pre-show Segment Revealed, More


– TNA posted this video from after Thursday’s Impact Wrestling went off the air where AJ Styles has a message for Dixie Carter:

– Between 200 and 250 fans attended TNA’s Fan Interaction event in San Diego on Saturday.

– As noted, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath will be appearing at TNA Bound For Glory tonight. He will be participating in a “Bro Off” with Robbie E and Jesse Godderz on the pre-show.

– There has been no talk of Hulk Hogan’s involvement at Bound For Glory this weekend. Based on talk within TNA, Hogan has not signed a new deal and is not scheduled to be part of the pay-per-view tonight.

Hogan has been re-tweeting messages from fans who want him to return to both WWE and TNA. He posted the following late Saturday night:

“The calm before the storm,tempoary situation setting me up for a huge blessing brother HH”

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Partial source: PWInsider

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  1. Alright so I watched this poor excuse for entertainment and I want my minute and 56 seconds back… that was a waste… The cameramen absolutely suck… where the hell are they after AJ flips off Flunkie Carter? She’s behind this black ***hole and the cameraman probably fell asleep during the shoot of this horrid so-called segment… AJ looks and sounds like CM Punk with a southern accent… how lame… and why the **** is the referee still in there for? Abysmal… I knew I’d be wasting my Mac’s resources by hitting that damn play button… Poor acting at it’s absolutely best…


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