Maddox Blamed for Highlight Reel Segment on RAW, Details on What Went Down

Posted by on Thursday, March 14th, 2013

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- Before Monday’s RAW hit the air, the original script they had for Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel was a “really bad” one so they changed it completely and spent hours re-doing the segment. There was also a problem with the Jeritron that was in the ring. During the playing of The Marine 3 trailer, the WWE ring crew had to remove the Jeritron from the ring. This caused more problems for the segment and Jericho was forced to improvise.

The segment really took a turn for the worse when Brad Maddox came out. The Jeritron was supposed to be involved in Maddox’s presentation but it wasn’t in the ring anymore, he lost track and flubbed his promo on live TV.

Even before Maddox came out, Vince McMahon had instructed Michael Cole to bury the segment on commentary. There was some heat on Cole with the feeling that the segment was bad but most people wouldn’t have noticed or said anything if it weren’t for his comments drawing attention.

Backstage, Vince was calling the segment one of the worse ever and Maddox was the one blamed.

Another Backstage Blow-up for Vince, Busty New Kelly Kelly Pics, More


  • Y2 jobber

    so…why not blame the production crew then idiots??? technically, they initiated this entire mess up.

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