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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— In May 2014, averaged 935 orders per day. That is up over 50% from the 613 orders per day they did in both May 2013 and May 2012.

— WWE shipped 271,000 DVD units in May 2014, down 11.1% from 305,000 units in May 2013. Over the last 9 months, the most shipped WWE DVD titles are WrestleMania XXX with 125,000, Bill Goldberg at 114,000, The History of WWE at 90,000, Ultimate Warrior at 78,000 and Triple H at 67,000. Last year’s WrestleMania 29 DVD had 136,000 units shipped at the same time while the WrestleMania 28 DVD had 214,000 units shipped at the same time frame.

— In May 2014, WWE shipped out 271,000 DVD units. That is down 11% from the 305,000 units shipped in May 2013. The most shipped WWE DVD titles over the last nine months were:

* WrestleMania XXX – 125,000 units shipped.
* Bill Goldberg – 114,000 units shipped.
* The History of WWE – 90,000 units shipped.
* The Ultimate Warrior – 78,000 units shipped.
* Triple H – 67,000 units shipped.

For what it’s worth, last year’s WrestleMania 29 DVD shipped out 136,000 units, The WrestleMania 28 DVD the year before shipped out 214,000 units.

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