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Maria Kanellis’ Boyfriend Defends Her Tweets

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As noted earlier, former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis posted numerous messages on Twitter slamming the Bella Twins real-life characters. This caused a negative reaction from fans on the social media outlet. Her boyfriend Mike Bennett posted a statement on Twitter defending her right to speak out.

“Funny that the same people who complain about what’s wrong w wrestling, are the same ones who blast someone when they speak out against it,” Bennett wrote. “Nobody gets anywhere by going w the crowd. stand up for what u believe in, or just keep ur mouth shut and follow blindly.”

Bennett continued, “I respect someone who has the balls to speak up,and if that makes them bitter and jealous. What does it make the ones who r afraid to speak.”

Kanellis then later added, “Family, fancy, friends, dogs, morals, and career are all things I will ALWAYS protect. No one has the right to do damage to my future.”

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