Maria Menounos Returning to WWE for a Match at SummerSlam?


– It appears Natalya, The Bella Twins and Maria Menounos have been setting up an angle on Twitter.

Natalya invited Menounos to be her guest at SummerSlam after The Bella Twins were taunting her on Twitter. Natalya wrote:

“If @nicoleandbri are so tough, Maybe they would like to tango with myself and @mariamenounos if Nikki is cleared. A #TotalDiva has spoken!”

Menounos re-tweeted that message and revealed she has been training:

“Screw those who say wrestling is fake..I just finished a training session& it hurts!my neck is so messed up-got beat up #respectwrestlers”

The Bella Twins replied:

“Don’t worry @NatbyNature and @mariamenounos consider the match made! Don’t worry we’ll find a partner, Bella Style!”

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  1. Maria back? Someone has no money I see. She must have spent all her Playboy money, 10 dollars sure doesn’t go a long way


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