Matt Morgan Comments on Fans Being Upset Over TNA Departure


Matt Morgan discussed with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald on why fans shouldn’t be upset with his departure from TNA Wrestling.

“People get mad and upset all the time with TNA by saying, ‘How could you let Matt Morgan leave TNA,'” Morgan said. “Well, because this is what they could have done. If TNA wanted to, they could have made me sit at home all the way until when my contract expired, which would have been next July. That would have been another year, miss a year in my prime doing nothing. A lot of companies have done that in the past. That’s a business decision, and nobody can be mad at a company for doing it.

“They could have easily done that in keeping a 7-foot, 300-pound giant on their roster that they don’t have. They didn’t. My hats off to them for letting me move on with no strings attached and being able to put my family in a better situation.”

You can check out the complete interview at this link.

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  1. Ok, Matt, I’ll agree with MOST of what you said…the only thing I can’t agree with is about the fans complaining you got canned. Which fans are complaining?

    • I not complaining. He asked to be released so its like he cant say he got canned or fired. He just asked to stop working and they said ok like he didn’t want to work for them there for breaking a contract which make him a quitter.

      • He had to quit. He has a family and you can’t support one on the stay at home until we need you plan. TNA Own Hart’ed him because he wasn’t what they really wanted. Owen was the better wrestler and even Brett said so but WWE/F liked Brett’s size and personality better. They used him to make other guys look good. He could carry a wrestler better than Carly Simon can carry a tune. I feel the same is true with Matt. TNA really wants the Big Show but he’s Matt and they should have tried to use him for his talents. That’s just my opinion though.

        • No he didn’t have to quit he could have gotten the checks. And he could have been a man a been asked to be let go not been Can I leave my Void my Contract early. He sign it he should have stayed it if he got fired he could have got checks and looked for another job he didn’t though. And who want Dumb wrestler. I am sure TNA was happy that. More money on younger Wrestlers. And are you Crazy do you really think that TNA want Big Show he is not leaving he doing so much with WWE and if you believe that he is not rich your illing his body got to be worn down and he going to want to end his career to and I am sure he wants to end it as a WWE superstar.

          • I’m not trying to be argumentative but I feel I have to tell you something; in recent weeks TNA has been in some trouble. I’m not saying this to be rude or to insult your intelligence but to put this out there for anyone who doesn’t know. There have been some people inside the company (in the talent field) that have been either getting their pay late by as much as four months or released. They have been laying off,firing, or demoting people on a grand scale for over a year and it looks like it’s getting worse. They are in deep trouble and their ratings are getting worse and worse. I love TNA and don’t want it to fail but I understand why Matt asked to be released.

          • I agree. I am a big TNA fan don’t get me wrong I hope Tna gets over this hump. They made some really bad transactions in the last few years they cant redo it but they can plow threw it and try to clean it up. I think Morgan was lucky to be there and I think he realizes it. I think the stars they gave up hurt them for the older stars like Morgan who was so so and Anderson who was a Mid card at best. And as far as knock out why in the world would you drop Awesome kong huh you had the best knockout div with love and Sky just because you thought you had something with mickie james and then you lose Tara. I am glad Morgan asked for his release honestly. TNA has hurt Just like AJ said.

          • I don’t think Ken is a Mid Carder but he messed up big time! When he was in that storyline where it was going to be revealed that he was Vince’s son but got suspended for drugs; it killed his character. Look at Horn swaddle or whatever his name; he’s always being mentioned and he does very little. Kenny was actually wrestling and great on the mic. No Ken killed his characters with his demons. He’s going through what Jericho is facing. Chris finally peaked in 1999 and when he won the title it was great but they waited so long they lost direction for his charter thus he lost the title in a month and never wrestled beyond mid-card EVER lol again.

    • Me, that’s who is complaining and I’m sure there are other people. The reason we are complaining is that wrestlers work really hard trying to entertain us. They sacrifice their lives, time with their family and their privacy just to try to give us something that we can enjoy. What I want to do in return is make sure he has a job with people that treat him right so his life can be the best. It’s horrible when people can come along one day and decided that you aren’t what they need anymore and you have to just take it and even pretend it’s ok. It’s not ok, you deserve more and we are better for having you around so thank you for entertaining us and I want you back bigger better and even more successful than ever.

      • I can understand what you’re saying, but I understand TNA’s position as well. They had an expectancy that Matt Morgan would become a major star for them, and as such paid him a good sum of money that other wrestlers on the roster were not receiving. Seeing as how he did not become the star they expected what to do with him? Ask him to take a paycut? I’m sure they did do just that. Most wrestlers once they start getting paid a good chunk of money are unwilling to take paycuts. This is why TNA isn’t resigning Anderson, Devon, Tara, or Mickie. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Gail Kim and Chavo Guerrero be the next ones to leave.

        • I understand what you are saying but I look at it like this. You can go to the store and buy the seeds for the most beautiful tomatoes the world has ever seen. When you get home and put the package on the shelve, pull it off but repeatedly put it back without planting them then you get what you get. They never used him. They did two or three crazy scenes and never let him really do anything. He stole Hulk Hogan’s cape, said three sentences and disappeared from tv for 3 months. What was that suppose to mean? They had him with Joey Ryan where they were in maybe 3 tag matches. The WWE gave Steve Williams 3 years of bad characters before Steve’s wife came up with the name; Steve and Vince came up with a character. TNA didn’t give Matt a year and he had 5 characters, They never let you see the man. You’d be awful too if they only let you on tv to display your talent 3 months out of the year.

  2. In not a fan his voice is annoying his wrestling is just above Kevin Nash level and he does stupid moves like a reverse chokeslam


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