Matt Morgan Granted Release from TNA Wrestling


Matt Morgan asked for a release from his TNA contract last month and was granted his wish today.

Morgan hinted leaving the company in spring of 2012, only to return later that fall. Since his return he has barely been used.

As noted last week, the company also released Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, Taeler Hendrix and Madison Rayne.

More Backstage News on Matt Morgan’s Release as Well As Others…..



    • what ok first off morgan quit on his own. crimson was fired. he was awful ,he was also named most overated superstar of the year, he was undefeated for no reason there was no future. thats why they put him in a tag then had him end the streak and he was put back in devoplmental and then released. he sucked dude

        • no seriously i mean if you dont like ryback you must have good taste. so i dont know why you would think crimson is anything special. what gets you? his great mic skills lol his techincal wrestling knowledge ;p; is it his cool orignal tattoos lol or is it his no signature and unoriginal finisher. seriously bro re think it. hes nothing special. he might be ok for a big guy like you say but hes nothing special.

          • Lets go with this Ryback is as bright as Mongo from Blazing Saddles “Don’t know…” When Ryback scared he quits then he says Feed me more or some trash wa wa wa. I hate to admit it but Ziggler is a better wrestler then he is heck I wish they would make Drew Mcintyre a singles wrestler again since he is better than that once trick pony ryback he walks around the ring like he is a heel bushwhackers. and he can cry now John Cena, Cm Punk and the Shield were all mean to me. And we must not forget to see how much he thought he gonna climb a big building soon and carry Vicky G. all the way to the top again.

      • Morgan didn’t quit he asked for his release big difference he knew where the company was going and how they were using him. He wanted a more bigger role and they couldn’t do it so he asked and got his wish witch I am sure that is gonna be fine for the future of the wwe with Big show, Khali, Kane, Shemus, Barrett, and maybe the Undertaker then add some more tall people to the bunch and heavy people you got entertaining matches. You have to really earn that title then Not just pretend to win the title and say I am the best in the world and have a fat ass walrus help you cheat to win. Then the shield would be on level playing field.

        • i bet you anything morgan wont be s*** in wwe, i dont know why everyone is thinking tna is over cause there releasing nobodys , morgan had soooo many chances in tna its not even funny. and to really say there a diffrence between him quiting and leaving is like tomato and tamato bro seriously like wow. and saying someone is better then ryback doesnt mean there good. crimson never had a following, wwe is not intrested in him, roh isnt , no one is . if you honestly think he rocks you have no standards. pw named him the most overated wrestler in tna, he was also hated backstage for having a bad attitude. he’s nothing special.

      • DUDE, you suck. Matt Morgan has been WWE champion and world champion on my WWE ’13 game at least 7 times. The guy is extremely underrated, underused, and needs a strong gimmick to get him over. Size and power will lead him into main event status in the WWE, where he belongs.

        • That’s a video game. This is real life we’re talking about here. Morgan has never broken the glass ceiling.

          • Right – he needs to break that ceiling. He’s one of those guys that I believe if you give him a push he’ll run like hell with it. By the way, the Black Ranger is my current WWE champion, and the Blue Ranger has the World Championship at present. Matt Morgan is the current U.S. champ.

      • They built him up like Goldberg, he wrestled like Ultimate Warrior, however; he had Lance Storm’s personality which was not a great combination. Now if they could switch his ability with his personality then they’d have a winner lol.

    • You hit it on the money bro.TNA is going down the drain which is no surprise considering who they have running this these days

      • Hogan little side kick and Dixie and they are really killing it. I wonder if Chris Parks gets two checks for being Abyss.

  1. oh no tna lost such a big player!!! matt morgan was my favorite…not the dudes got a worst voice then stevie and eric young combined. he also has the dumbest moveset like the reverse a hate that s***. morgan sucks and if hes going to wwe he will just fail…again

  2. they are folding. All of these people are owed money. TNA has to fold to void HH’s contract, stupid aholes. It’s become worthless,

  3. anyways Morgan still not in wwe so I guess you pissy little wwe fans can SUCK IT! hahaha necro pro owned thread

    • Tna just signed a new 4yr deal with spike TV so there definitely not going out of business anytime soon. CM Punks contract up in july TNA offered him an open mic to say w/e he wants, lol oh the day that happens is the day momentum switches BIG TIME.


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