Michael Hayes Reportedly Suspended from WWE

Posted by Steve Carrier on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


Earlier we noted that Michael Hayes has not been around the company for sometime as he has been taking time off the road to handle some of his personal issues, however that doesn’t seem to be the case according to former creative writer, Court Bauer.

Bauer revealed on the most recent episode of the “Bauer and Pollock Podcast that Michael Hayes has been suspended indefinitely by World Wrestling Entertainment for offering alcoholic beverages to Rosa Mendes just days after she returned to the company after a stint in rehab for substance abuse. Officials were shocked at his actions and deemed it insensitive enough to suspend him indefinitely.

More Backstage News on Michael Hayes WWE Suspension….

  • Louisa Baton

    WOW, what was he thinking?

    • Stoney Walden

      see this is why booze and tobacco need to be illegal.. see what it does to people!!! fire the ahole i say but it will never happen cause booze and tobacoo is soo cool and fun :)

      yea right f booze f tobacco products its all gay and for homeless junkies

      • allan

        Nothings bad in moderation dude but when the person. Can’t handle it then they shouldn’t have it

        • Negatist

          Pot is bad in any amount, and booze should be abolished. Too many idiots don’t know their limits and aren’t responsible enough to take a shit correctly, never mind being given a bottle of booze!

          • Carter Williams

            You clearly know nothing about pot. As with anything, moderation is key. No one has ever died by overdosing on weed and there is no proof that it turns people in addicts. Stop believing the propaganda and educate yourself.

          • Stoney Walden

            pot aint bad IT GOT RID of my cancer tumors asshole…. booze tobacoo needs to be outlawed that shit makes people stuiped and smell like a toilet

          • Negatist

            Well, I wish your cancer had done away with you, because you yourself ARE a cancer… pothead cancers. Booze and tobacco need to be outlawed: absolutely. But so does marijuana and ALL other drugs that kill brain cells.

          • Stoney Walden

            oh no no no MARIJUANA DOESNT KILL BRAIN CELLS DUMB FUCK… LOOK THE SHIT UP IT KILLS THE DEAD CELLS AND REBUILDS THEM… I THINK UR JUST MAD BC U USED TO SMOKE WEED THEN U FOUND OUT U WAS SMOKING FAKE K2 SHIT LOL… N U WANNA DISS PEOPLE WHO DO THE REAL WEED… UNLIKE U ALOT OF OTHERS KNOW THE TRUE FACTS ABOUT WEED WEED IS THE CURE… AND WILL BE LEGAL SOON ALL OVER THE USA… AND IF U DONT LIKE IT BEING LEGAL then get the fuck out… 0 deaths for marijuana but millions of deaths for booze tobacoo pills coffee!!!! so yea those 4 should and will be outlawed a persons life is more important then fucking making money if it kills then dont make it

          • Negatist

            Never touched any of the shit, jackass. Lower your caps and get a grip. Marijuana causes memory loss, you fool… it causes people to be careless and accident-prone. But why am I telling you all this? You seem to know everything about the shit… Fuck yourself.

          • Stoney Walden

            pot dont make u do that crap u dumb peice of shit…. its booze tobacoo pills.. that shit is whats makes u act foolish….. weed cures shit and helps out alot of sick people who need meds….. marijuana is the only med people should use… but no they wanna promote all these color pills.. all these tobacoo products.. all these booze shit… that shit is foolish… if it wasent for marijuana i would of dropped outa high school… it helped me threw school helped me focus get better grades…. so yea i think ur to pussy enough to try marijuana bc u was told wrong facts…. who ever told u weed is bad… is nothing but a crack head tobacoo loving pill popin boozer

            so yea u go fuck ur self

          • Negatist

            Hey dumbass, you’re the only motherfucker I know who actually tells me that tobacco and pills and booze are the worst things for you (which you are 100% right about – reason why I don’t touch them) yet sympathize marijuana at the same time. Makes NO SENSE. I say get rid of the zombie society and lock all you motherfuckers up in Colorado where pot is legal, fool. Tired of the potheads AND the alcoholics and tobacco blowers, etc.

          • Stoney Walden

            yes bc why bc weed dont cause no deaths or anything… it helps out people it was legal till 1927.. it was used for meds and all kinds of shit…. u can make clothes houses all kinds of stuff from the hemp from weed… look at rvd he smokes weed… cheech and chong they smoke… snoop dogg smokes pot.. and look how good they are

        • Stoney Walden

          yes it is bad booze and tobaccoo kill people every damn year.. and yet the goverments love to sell and promote booze and tobacco cause they want u people to do it so they can controll u and laugh at u cause they know ull be dumb enough to buy it….. IT AINT COOL FUN OR HIP people need to stop buyin tobaccoo and booze and save peoples lifes… but no they all think there still in middle school n think they cool puffin on cigarettes drinkin booze… being dumb thats all that shit will do to u.. make u dead slowly

      • Negatist

        AMEN TO THAT!!!

  • Jay

    Hayes what were you thinking bro.Maybe this will be the wake up call for him

  • Jack Swagger

    What’s with all the cry babies these days. Liberals are ruining this country. WE THE PEOPLE!

    • allan

      What’s with losers taking gimmicks to far and not understand its just a show, weed the people

      • Negatist

        Your attempt to respond with something clever has failed.

  • Danny Voisine

    Well that blows his chance to get into the WWE Hall of Fame in April, way to blow your chances Michael……Terry and Buddy are likely rolling in the graves.

    • allan

      Bret hart spit in Vince’s face and knocked him out and he’s in the hall of fame.

      • Danny Voisine

        Well….it took him 8 years to get into the HOF and the WWE wasn’t so strict on getting stars clean and healthy. It sucks for Hayes because The Freebirds deserved it badly….all 4 of em, including Garvin.

  • Phantom90

    Its not his fault, his dick was speaking.

    • Negatist

      Evidently you were searching for his dick and found it? Flamer…

  • allan

    Its been a long time coming this fool judges everyone And has been wrong about so many guys.

  • allan

    I swear if this fool gets Scott hall Drinkin again we murder him…agreed?

    • Jack Swagger

      “Scott is responsible for Scott” -Kevin Nash

  • Mike Arienti

    The prick should’ve been let go years ago when he made those racist remarks about Mark Henry. He was a talented wrestler, but as a person, he seems to leave a lot to be desired.

  • Negatist

    Man… why is it that every thread of posts I get involved in turn into storied novels? People need to grow up. I’m tired of trying to teach morons what’s up.

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