Mickie James Discusses TNA Departure, Piggy James Storyline, Becoming a Trainer & More


Mickie James recently spoke with Gerweck.net. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Leaving TNA in September: “My contract ran up and I kinda knew that was going to be my last day, and I was hoping it wasn’t. It was a bit sad because I wouldn’t walk around announcing or telling my friends there that this was my final day because, of course, word would spread like wildfire. I couldn’t tell my friends it was going to be my last day or say goodbye. That was the only bitter sweet part. I felt like we were just scratching the surface with that character.. build some real emotion behind it all the way to Bound for Glory, or at least that’s what I was hoping for.”

ODB: “Just one of the coolest people you’ll ever to meet, and I love her to pieces.”

Her future: “I just love wrestling too much to just let it go .. I don’t feel I am done with wrestling.”

Doing the Piggy James storyline: “It was difficult, it was difficult for all three of us sometimes. I tried to allow, in some of the those incidents, to create real emotion.”

Becoming a trainer after her in ring career wraps up: “I would be honored to do something like that.”

Magnus as champion: “The fans are eating it up and they absolutely hate him.”

Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith starting a new promotion: “Jeff is so smart, and innovative, and has drive. Toby is a massive wrestling fan. It could be something potentially that’s pretty awesome.”

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