MMA Fighter Comments on Challenging CM Punk to Fight


MMA Fighter and former Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger Jason David Frank was asked about a challenge he made back in July to CM Punk to an MMA fight.

“Let’s get that going. I love CM Punk, he’s a really nice guy. But he did say in his panel that he would fight me and you can’t say that in the fighting world if you don’t mean that you’d fight me. Let’s get a contract going!”

Footage from an autograph session where the former Power Ranger talks about his love for WWE and how he’d like to fight Punk can be seen here.

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  1. Seen a few fights with Frank he is really Good guess Punk has laid down a pipe bomb on the white ranger will love to see it.

  2. The guy has been studying mma for many years punk is an iron man meaning he has amazing endurance but he’s no real fighter just a dude with alot of balls and a hit first think second attitude which really is like most men and teens these days people are f***ing crazy


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