More on Bryan Getting Hurt at RAW, Backstage Argument with Triple H


– As noted before, Daniel Bryan legitimately suffered a stinger in his match against Randy Orton on Monday night’s RAW. WWE officials stopped the match because of this.

The planned finish had Bryan defeating Orton to help set up Bryan’s main event run this summer.

We also noted how WWE’s website aired a video of Triple H explaining that Bryan confronted him about the decision to stop the match but they both apologized to each other. This was also a shoot.

When Bryan returned to the back, he was “irate” and complained to Triple H that the match should not have been stopped. They got into a loud argument in the gorilla position backstage with a lot of people looking on. People were shocked because Bryan is usually soft spoken and good natured, plus he was standing up to Triple h of all people.

Bryan complained that he’s worked all over the world, worked hurt and knows when he can go and when he can’t. Triple H argued that they were protecting him and they don’t want anyone working hurt. Both men did apologize to each other.

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Source: PWInsider


    • ikr steph has awful taste. so many loser like “the big deal” lol so many muscle heads with no talent. i bet she just gets the hots for them . like dixter carter does with magnus ,woman dont belong in charge or wrestling.

  1. bryan is the man for getting in triples h face for real. i can totally picture them yelling at each other . there both very humble men but they also hot heads. but hhh was just looking out for bryans well being, but ive also seen bryan wrestle through worse and he’s knows he has, he was asked a few times if he wanted to end it and he kept going, i think it was orton side stepping him his dive outside the ring. that was one of ortons best matches though, he was so heel in it too. but kinda recked it at the end hugging bryan but i guess he was just seeing if he was ok.

  2. I almost bought into it but then now,it turns out to be the only way they could put Randy as an invincible force along with Bryan,the tough new dog who just wont quit with (fake)injuries……..Another bunch of wwPGe’s crappy work

    • first off “fake injuries” have nothing to do with pg its been around forever. second, none of this was fake ,bryan was suppose to beat orton and he and hhh were yelling at each other,look it up dude its legit

      • Oh !!! a PG idiot tryin to force fed me with a lameass storyline!!!!??? Get off before i decimate your credibility

        • im not feeding you anything, and MAN are you an asshole! anyways im just saying it wasnt storylines they just turned it into one, bryan did get hurt im not sure if he got a stinger but they did stop the match. people do get think edge being forced to retire from injury is fake? like wow im not some PG idiot im just pointing out facts. look it up. and you already destoryed your credibility the second you showed how much of an ass you are. eat a fat d*** you dumb b****. BLOCKED

          • A mild-stinger is just the same deal with sudden-daze when sometimes you just standup in an instance….you aint too unfluent with medical conditions….And yes,the Gorilla position rant is a big WORK


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