More on Hogan Having Backstage Heat, Can Hogan Wrestle a Match?

Posted by on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


- We noted before how Hulk Hogan has heat within TNA for booking outside licensing deals such as the deal with 2K Sports to appear in WWE 2K14. Hogan also has heat for booking major non-TNA media appearances such as the arm wrestling match against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford that got Hogan himself a ton of media exposure internationally.

There is a lot of talk within TNA about whether or not Hogan is worth the money that TNA is paying him as the company continues to re-structure and cut costs. There is also a lot of talk about what Hogan’s role with the company will be going forward.

As far as doing another match goes, Hogan has given the impression that he might be able to do a tag team match but a singles match is out of the question.

Hogan Leaving TNA Soon?, Details on Major Heat, Revealing New Miss Tessmacher Photos and More…

Source: PWInsider

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    No, Hogan can’t even do a tag match. Reason being once you tap him he turns to dust

    • Rich Francis

      He can hit you with a Cain but then he will fall over.

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        Your right, if he hit me HE will fall….. Edit, I got it now, sorry. Good one

  • Aj

    He probably doesn’t care since they just fired his kid. Not to mention he still need to make money after Linda stole so much of his. The Whore. Besides if he they do fire him you know WWE will give him a legends deal.

  • raul cruz

    There has been heat on Hogan for a long time now in TNA. The feeling is about the end of his first year with TNA the office stopped drinking his Kool-Aid after ratings never went up as hoped. The only reason they have kept him around is more to avoid any embarrassment over what was clearly a mistake from the very beginning, sinking a lot of money into one man who did little, if anything, to bring new exposure to TNA. Part of the deal with Hogan was that whenever he did any interview he would mention TNA but more often than not Hogan would only mention whatever projects were relevant to himself alone. Reportedly there was pressure on Dixie to get a handle on Hogan, and Hogan reportedly has talked trash about Dixie behind her back. Now it seems that both parties seem to have come to an understanding that Hogan’s days in the company are as good as over. I don’t see either side agreeing to a contract renewal.

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