New WWE Champion Crowned at Tonight’s Hell In a Cell PPV


– Randy Orton won the vacant WWE Title by defeating Daniel Bryan in the main event of tonight’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

Orton won in controversial fashion in an ending that saw interference from Triple H and special referee Shawn Michaels.

Here is a photo:

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    • This PPV pretty much went the way I said it would. I even posted on here that Michaels would cost Bryan the title. I saw it from a mile away with Triple H saying ‘He’ll do the right thing’ every 5 seconds. Now I’m sure they’ll paint Bryan as the under dog and guy who got screwed…It could be OK, I mean Austin was ‘the hunter’ for awhile. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

        • As a matter of fact, I would. But not for calling it and picking up on ALL the foreshadowing Triple H was doing (I mean, how could you not see it coming?), but for obviously making you angry. Because you’re probably mad that your hero Daniel Bryan lost and you don’t know how to keep going on.

          • No, not really. I just don’t see the point in swearing at someone I’ve never met and will never meet. There’s enough negativity in the world. So cheer up, butter cup! Smile! And go do something more constructive with your life than getting mad at a post on the internet.

  1. Hire a friggin booker and drop the damn tv writers. You just killed a long angle with a cheap shot swerve. There goes all of Bryan’s heat.

    • Yeah, I didn’t catch the PPV but this disappointment turns my stomach, honestly. Orton isn’t that special… Bryan IS.

      • then you are a lucky one…although you did miss a real nice cut under Big E’s eye…and a pretty solid Tag title match…everything else pretty much subpar with the main event VERY disappointing ( All it did was give Orton, like Cena, ANOTHER unnecessary reign as champ) status quo in WWE

  2. I remember years ago Paul Heyman saying the reason ECW did so well because for most of their matches there was a winner and a loser. He did not believe in doing all of these swerves the writers seem to feel are needed. I always respected that about ECW. I wish the writers from WWE and Vince would remember it is ok to have a straight match and the audience does not need a swerve to keep them interested.

    • I couldn’t agree more Mike. It is these ridiculous swerves and screwjob endings that ruin every PPV. It wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t such a common occurrence. As it is now every PPV is basically just another episode of RAW.

      • No, the PPVs are a scale above the RAW episodes. As the consumer, you should respect what good you get out of the product instead of looking at the negative.

        • I should “respect” what good I get out of the product? So basically if someone gives you crap you should smile and take it? Hell no. I have been a fan since the Strongbows were tag team champs. I will damn well give my criticism when a product I love is going down the toilet. The “scale” above Raw you say the PPV”s are is very minor,and in no way justifies 45 to 75 dollars a PPV.

          • That is such a pathetic response. As I have said in my posts, I have been a fan for over 40 years. No I will not “STFU” because I think their PPV’s suck. In case you didn’t know,this is a forum for people to express their ideas. That is how you get change, by voicing your displeasure at what you don’t like. I still watch their shows, mostly because of Bryan and Punk who are amazing. Their PPV’s from years back were truly great, and gave the fans their moneys worth.

          • If you really think WWE will change their programming ideas for you, you’re pitifully stupid. They act as though they listen to the WWE Universe, but in actuality, WWE will always try to swerve its fans towards what they want you to see. They look at these forums and probably laugh at people like you!

          • Pitifully stupid? Well who’s to say, certainly not an arrogant defeatist like yourself. And yeah one voice doesn’t make much difference, but the masses do make a difference so like at election time every vote counts. In the long run when they see declines in ratings, “eventually” heads do roll and changes are made. It’s not like when people scream Cena sucks, and want a change of guard. The reason being is the little kids by his merchandise, and he’s a cash cow. However, when the PPV buy rates are down because people don’t like screwjobs every PPV, changes will get made.

          • WWE must learn that listening specifically and meticulously to the fans much more than they do will yield even more cash cows. They just need to graze the farm differently, and once they do, the results will be fantastic.

    • See, Heyman was a smart marketer. I think Vince has so much fear in failing his product with just wins and losses that he doesn’t do that.

  3. So let’s recap, Cena returns after 4 months and is already WHC, Bryan never got injured, has been active for the last 3 years, and has had to endure being ridiculed by pretty much everyone, even Cena at times, and yet he can’t even get his damn 15 minutes of fame (last month doesn’t count since he was stripped of the title and not loose in an actual match). And they still wonder why ratings keep going down and wrestlers have a bad attitude about everything.



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