Papercutz Reveals Variant Covers and Story Details for WWE Comics #1


– As noted, Mick Foley will be signing covers of the new WWE Comics at the New York City Comic Con this weekend. Papercutz has revealed variant covers for WWE #1, which you can see below. Regarding the story written by Foley, it’s a crime-meets-pro-wrestling tale set in Titan City, where John Cena has been framed for a crime he didn’t commit. CM Punk is a shadowy figure working to bring down the system. WWE #1 comes out in June. Here are the variant covers:

Undertaker Incentive Cover by Miran Kim:

Undertaker Incentive

John Cena by Alitha Martinez:

John Cena

Kane and Triple H by Dean Haspiel:

Kane and Triple H

Mark Henry by Michael Golden:

Mark Henry

CM Punk by Jill Thompson:

CM Punk

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