PHOTOS: John Cena Suffers Head Injury


UPDATE: Here are a few photos of several WWE officials checking on John Cena during the match:

ORIGINAL: John Cena and Adam Rose were reportedly injured during the WWE house show in Madison last night. The source notes that Rose suffered a cut over his right eye during his match with Heath Slater, which was wide enough that it brought out trainers to clean up the blood and fix him up before the match finished.

Cena’s injury sounds more potentially serious. Per the source, Cena “suffered a pretty severe blow to the head” during his match with Bray Wyatt. The ref threw up the signal, causing two trainers to come out and check on him for several minutes. Cena worked the rest of the No Holds Barred match, which involved several foreign objects and was physical, and then left straight to the back after te show without the usual celebration with the live crowd.

BREAKING REPORT: John Cena Out 4-6 Weeks (>>) ……….

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  1. Concussions are no joke, no matter who they are. From the top star of the company to the biggest jobber. They’re all men and women before entertainers.

    Use some common sense, you sound like an idiot.

  2. Not meant as a slap towards Cena or any of them. It’s an insult towards the gimmicks for Bo-lieve and also Adam Rose. Perhaps the two worst of all time. I hope Cena is fine and recovers soon.


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