Photos: Two New WWE Champions Crowned at SummerSlam


– Randy Orton became the new WWE Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Daniel Bryan at the end of SummerSlam tonight. This came just minutes after Bryan beat John Cena to win the title for the first time.

Orton’s win also came after special referee Triple H turned heel and laid Bryan out with a Pedigree. Orton took advantage and covered Bryan, revealing a new alliance with Triple H.

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Big Backstage News and Live Photos from WWE SummerSlam, What’s Next for Triple H and More….

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  1. knew this will happen WWE having Bryan as champ no way Bryan know Tna not that big or even ROH those agency will respect your talents look as cristian he a joke on wwe but on tna he was on top Brian in wwe you never going get the respect you deserver Goatface GRiblen REspect the Beard

    • tna doesnt have the draws that wwe has, i personally think they have soo much talent there just not a big as some of the guys in wwe. and christian was huge in tna ill agree hes was unbeatin 2 time world champ for 2 years. but now he would just end up like rvd.

      tna doesnt respect there talent and neither does wwe or roh or any company really its all about what can you do for me now.

    • Allen I agree just Tna should learn how to used there own Talent an not count on WWe releases, I see stryker going over there an making it Cristian should go back another ppv lost again not right, Jarret should run the company again an get rid of Hogan an Bitshoff. Glad book got release Mike my keyboards are fine just never been good at it no word perfect.

  2. this is what i said would happen now bryan is going to feud with orton because he beat john cena and orton took it away soooo easy to figure out, horrible move ortons been wwe champ so many times it doesnt seem worth it. consider he will most likely beat daniel at the next few ppvs and then who knows what happens to daniel bryan, typical to always throw the load on the vets never give anyone a real chance just like tna ripping the title off sabin, ya sabin isnt huge but they went that far same with bryan

    although triple h going heel was awesome, hes the best heel, i guess there going to play up some story like orton is the perfect champ well bryan isnt worthy..


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