Plans for Cody Rhodes and Goldust, Orton Upset at Rumble, Daniel Bryan


– As noted, last week’s RAW was re-written because of the CM Punk situation. In order to keep fans from hijacking the show for Daniel Bryan like they did at the Royal Rumble the night before, WWE had Bryan cut an in-ring promo which he originally wasn’t scheduled to do.

– Regarding the reaction at the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton reportedly was irate backstage after the crowd hijacked his match with John Cena.

– The split between Cody Rhodes and Goldust may come at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view where a tag team title match is expected. There are plans for Cody vs. Goldust at WrestleMania XXX this year. Goldust was originally signed as a talent through WrestleMania XXX but his deal has been extended through SummerSlam. Once that deal expires, it’s expected he will become an agent backstage.

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  1. Hijack your match?? the fans MAKE your match! maybe you should stop TELLING the fans what they like and listen. We don’t like the direction things are going so CHANGE!

    • So what you mean is you want Daniel Bryan wrestling 3 hours on Raw and 1 and a half hours on Smack down wow sounds great

        • Id rather watch any Cena or Orton match than a Daniel Bryan match which would consist of kick, kick, kick and a headbut some kind of knee and maybe a submission (one wrestling hold may I say is pathetic for a “wrestler”)

          • no im just not following this bandwagon that Daniel Bryan is this amazing superstar. His promos are lacklustre, his matches consist of everything a baby face does (early offense which for him is just kicks, gets beat up for a while and then hits his comeback gets knocked back a bit and then ends up winning by the way all moves 90 % being kicks what a wrestler this guy is).I don’t understand the frenzy this guy brings I don’t see anything special about him. No im not saying Cena and Orton are the best quite frankly id rather see people like Bray Wyatt and Dolph Ziggler in main events but Cena and Orton are big names and they do a good job at what they do and people like Wyatt and The Shield will get their time hopefully if WWE don’t f*** up which they have done Ziggler being an example.

          • I’d like to see a cumbersome fool like you go in the ring and face Daniel Bryan. These guys are professionals. Yes, Ziggler and Wyatt are fantastic, and Wyatt at least will have his day (and Ziggler most CERTAINLY still should), but Bryan is where he is because HE IS GREAT! Get over it!

          • If I got in the ring with Bryan he would kick my ass but on WWE television he is nothing more than a kick artist who doesn’t live up to his slogan as the best wrestler. And the next time Daniel Bryan tries to cut a promo which doesn’t consist of slight sarcasm which is about as funny as your mothers funeral (not yours directly just as an example)and then out of time loud shouting then maybe I can respect him but then the other 90 % of his flaws will still be questioned

      • The fans, it seems, will never get sick of Bryan at this point. No one wants Orton where he is. He can cry like a baby – and he has no reason to. He’s in a position he doesn’t deserve… Honestly, put him in TNA or let him walk out! Punk should have his spot and WE as WWE fans DESERVE Punk vs Bryan at WM…

  2. I tired of the direction WWE is going. So until things start to change, I’m switch over to Japan’s New Japan Pro Wrestling and Mexico’s Lucha Libre Asistencia Asesor?a y Administraci?n (AAA) for the time being!

  3. I was at the Royal Rumble and yes, we hijacked that damn show because it was boring and awful planned!! I would be pissed if I would have paid $500-1000 for flr seats to witness that bull..

    • so instead of being respectable and letting people who don’t always want to watch a so called wrestler who doesn’t even wrestle watch a great match with Orton and Cena you are going to insult the superstars who are doing nothing to annoy you on purpose. If I were WWE I would just annoy you on purpose

      • LOL you really think Cena VS Orton is great, well maybe for the first 75 times, but this was time 368, by now it’s sad they still think this makes for a great show.

          • I don’t for see the future Negatit all im saying is fans have the right to voice their opinion but I think its disrespectful they have to ruin good shows and good matched because they all spat their dummies out because their Indy heroes who do “REAL WRESTLING” which I’ve found to consist of nothing from kicks arn’t World Champions.

          • Please tell me you’re not talking about The Royal Rumble being as a good show.. The only match that was great was the Bryan-Wyatt match! The other two was pretty same thing over and over! C’mon Sean.

        • It was great maybe 2 or 3 times. The remaining 365… yeah… too much. Break out NXT guys to the roster….

        • Also if the fans on the internet runned WWE all they would have are some Indy wrestlers who do chin locks and arm bars and then of course Daniel Bryan and his kicking. There would be no stories which is practically half the show, no entertainment just “real wrestling”. If that’s what people want then why don’t you go watch the wrestling that you see in the Olympics because that’s what these fans want to see

      • Oh, here’s another John Cena fan that took my comment to heart and hate the reality that the fact is WWE Royal Rumble was basically another Monday Night Raw show with Royal Rumble as the main event and we all knew what was going to happen (Batista was going to win it), John Cena vs Randy Orton part 75. same ol bull… Fact is that WWE is slipping and if they continue down the path they’re going, WWE’s future and WrestleMania XXX will be a disaster. Now take that to WWE Poster boy.

        • oh another Daniel Bryan fan who cries over the fact his kick boxer sorry I mean wrestler isn’t main eventing. I am not a major John Cena fan to be honest I hate the whole do it for the kids but that match was just as good as the Wyatt and Bryan match it had face beat up heel heel beat up face for while and then face has come back and then finisher off then heel won only difference being that Wyatt won by pin fall (THANK GOD) and Cena was interfered on. Stop crying about the fact that your overrated wrestler isn’t the face of the company when really hes just a smaller bearded version of Cena who kicks a bit more. I bet that will make you cry let me guess you’ll just hijack a show to cry louder

    • A little bit?!?!? 3rd gen superstar who was given EVERYTHING – unlike Cena and Bryan. He’s not JUST an asshole, but a REAL b****. F*** YOU RANDY!

  4. There’s nothing wrong with opinions people. These wrestlers are being paid big bucks to do what you are paying to see. Boo who you want and cheer who you want…..WWE have been saying it’s your perogative to boo or cheer who you want……so why are you attacking other fans for voicing their opinions. Oh boo hoo to the WWE superstars with the million dollar salaries……..whatever….they’re big enough……they should be able to handle a little hijacking.

    • Yes and no… there’s a lot of upheaval right now internally in the WWE, and amongst the fans. And for good reason.

  5. I think everyone is just tired of the direction that WWE is going Make New Stars and stop relying on the old ones Cena and Randy are not gonna be around forever

  6. Nothing funnier than these back and forth insults on a wresting board by KIDS. LMAO. I write the truth and then never look back – couldn’t give a crap about what no nothing-grew up on garbage wrestling -punks think.

  7. All I’m saying is that the Royal Rumble was pretty Predictable on what was going to happen. WWE creating teams, Triple H etc, is slipping bad and need to correct it soon.

  8. The problem remains that WWE pushes Cena/Orton matches on us umpteen times, and we are about to go through the umpteenth WM where the top 3 matches will involve Cena, UT and HHH (or crony), with every other match made secondary to the sameo main events. All other, less drastic, attempts by the fans to engage the WWE to finally move on from this syndrome have failed, so of course they have started to get less constructive. The next step will be fans not buying the PPVs, discs, network subscriptions, or going to the events at all.


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