Headlines Possible Big E/WWE**SPOILER** + WWE Stock To Rise?

Possible Big E/WWE**SPOILER** + WWE Stock To Rise?

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— For those who watched RAW last night, you saw that the previous reports that Alberto Del Rio would challenge Big E. for the Intercontinental Title were wrong as he was eliminated from the #1 contendership tournament by Rob Van Dam. With the semifinals now set, Big E’s opponent will either be Cesaro, Sheamus, RVD or Bad News Barrett. If I had to guess, I’d say Cesaro is the best option here.

Forbes Media Analyst Laura Martin believes WWE stock will increase back to the $30 mark over the next year. The stock had been over $30 this year, but at this time, is down to $20.09. The drop was due to the announcement that the WWE Network had 667,287 subscribers following WrestleMania 30.

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