Possible Spoiler on Orton vs. Cena at Sunday’s WWE TLC


– For what it’s worth, we’ve heard from two different soldiers who attended Wednesday night’s WWE Tribute to the Troops in Fort Lewis that report John Cena did not have the WWE Title belt or World Heavyweight Title belt with him when he came out.

This year’s Troops special will air on December 28th, almost two weeks after Cena faces Randy Orton for the belts at this Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view. Orton did not appear at Wednesday night’s tapings.

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  1. Yeah didn’t have the WWE TITLE or the WORLD TITLE when you combine them and make one title you don’t usually carry out two titles! People don’t realize they are getting rid of both belts.

    • Officially, yes, but do you remember back when they unified the belts originally, the champion carried both belts until the Unified title came out, so they carried only one belt. My guess is that the winner carry the WWE title as representation of being champion (since they just re-designed it this year). The bigger question is, was Randy Orton there, and did he have a title?

  2. It’s got the point with Cena where the WWE could make big money off him. I’d love to see Ted Dibiase come back as more of a Million Dollar Man like his dad and team up with Cody and Axel. Ted’s reason for coming back is to buy the WWE from the McMahon’s.

    Dibiase, Rhodes, and Hennig will be trying to finish what their dads started years ago. Which is of course a play on the n.W.o. trying to take over WCW. After awhile of Vince refusing to sale Cena turns and joins the young guys. Cena becomes the face of the group that will take over the WWE. Cena does it because he’s tired of being the bell cow for the WWE. He now see’s himself as bigger the WWE and the most important person in the business. He now wants to run the WWE.

    Would make for must see TV and at least a good year long story if done right, but I’m sure we will just get Cena winning the titles and more Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, babyface, Superman John Cena for another 10 years. It’s not so much they have to turn Cena heel as much as they just need to give him something new.

    • I like the parameters of that idea… have more 2nd/3rd generation stars in that like the Usos, Natalya, Snuka, etc..

  3. Please let it be true.. Cena doesn’t need the title, it’s crap that every time he gets hurt that he automatically gets the title back.

  4. Probably has something to do with military flak rather than a PPV spoiler. Notice Orton wasn’t on the show at all. That’s likely because of the flak WWE would get having him appear, since Orton deserted the Marines to sign with WWE. If it wasn’t for that, why wouldn’t they put him on the show if he’s the one who wins the unification match?

    • Hasn’t Orton been on previous Tribute to the Troops shows? I haven’t watched them in a long time but I’m pretty sure he’s been on a few.

      • He has, but the flak started when he was originally cast as the lead in one of the “The Marine” sequels. He was removed and replaced by The Miz (Mike Mizanin). Betting WWE is just trying to avoid more flak by not having him there.

  5. I think they should use triple h and stephine to help cena turning him heel similar to the way they turned Austin

  6. good idea…except wwe caters to family and kids….cena is a hero to kids…just like rey and all the other kid friendly superstars….they stand to lose to much cash if they make him a heel…now try your idea with maybe matt morgan..or a bobby roode leading the charge…might just have something there


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