Questions Asked About TNA’s Future, Tonight’s Impact, AJ’s Contract Status

Posted by on Thursday, September 5th, 2013


- Tonight’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling will feature Sting vs. Bully Ray in the main event, a Last Chance Gauntlet match with all 12 Bound For Glory Series competitors, Chris Sabin’s return, a special performance by Mickie James and more.

- As noted, AJ Styles has signed a three-month contract extension with TNA. AJ’s original contract with TNA called for raises each year. The new contract they were trying to get him to sign called for no raises and locked him in at his current salary. TNA did not give him a contract cutting his money. Both sides essentially agreed to at least work together until the end of this year, then they will see how or if the landscape has changed.

- Internally, there all kinds of questions being asked about the state of TNA. The situation is described as feeling similar to the end of the original ECW. A lot of people are still behind on pay, or at least were as of the last set of Impact tapings, particularly on the production side. Those issues, combined with Dixie Carter skipping the tapings to attend a college football game, led to all kinds of questions being asked about their future.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • raul cruz

    Gee usually it’s Hogan that’s the first to bail but it looks like it’s actually Dixie who has stopped giving a damn about her own product.

  • Louisa Baton

    You do know that if Sting wrestles Bully Ray it has to be non title. It’s crazy and sad but TNA can’t get any help. They shouldn’t have stolen the company from Jeff. He has an ego but you never once heard anyone say they didn’t get paid.

  • Aj

    Sad to hear. I hope they can get there act together. The talent is so good and they don’t deserve this.

    • captainbuck

      Yeah, i wish my source were bullshit, but, he started talking about this weeks before the stuff hit the fan so to speak and it’s been unfolding just like he said. He’s like the one guy i still know in the industry and was in exactly the right place to see it all about to fall apart. I agree, about 3/4 of their talent doesn’t deserve this. I’ll tell you what the rest looks like
      Jay Bradley’s shown massive improvement and is turning into a modern day JBL or at least Bradshaw. Him and James Storm are top of the WWE Watch list (Bradley can come cheap, Storm is the best talent WWE doesn’t have )
      Angle and Sting are a MUST for WM30…
      Angle is the best pick to end the Streak if UT wants it to end.
      The Abyss is on their list, he might goto Japan though if the money isn’t right. Abyss needs to go right to main roster, no NXT BS.
      Matt Morgan is pretty much a lock. Mcmahonn needs new Titan Class guys (Hogan/UT/Razor Ramon/Diesel, the largest normals before Giants).
      Gunner’s got something, dunno.
      NOBODY believes Rob Terry is clean, so, good luck to him.
      The rest, dunnno.

      • Rich Francis

        Knowing Abyss he is to out of shape no WWE is not looking at him! Mogan was in the WWE and made no wow back then what makes them want him now when you have the Big Show, Wade Barrett ,Titus O’oneil , Brock Lesnar, Shamus, and the Great Khali. And if we really needed a B rated tall wrestler we would get Crimson. Angle yeah I could see that’s why they said over the weekend don’t drink and drive! Otherwise he is not worth it. Edge would tell him that oh wait he did. He looks worse than Ric Flair that tells you make up does a hell of a lot. The announcers and the refs see ya you made the wrong decision haha you thought money. talks huh!. Good old Bobby Roode you would have to get repackaged you are way to like Ziggler! Bad Influence simply perfect I don’t know what to say they what to say bad about them. Bubby I am sorry your not going to the WWE if you do not have your tag team partner Devon because Aces and 8s and MEM is dumb and we wont have it. I like Gunner and Storm they actually look like good pairing like the Smoking Guns. We will bring back the Cruiserweight title because Chavo and Eric and the join because we have quite a lot in the WWE already. Keep Rob Terry I do think the guy is unreal he is the new Ultimate warrior. Would look forward to having AJ, Sabin and Magnus. Lethal would have to come also could you think of the matches that Kofi and him could have. And well Let MR ANDERSON go the way of Mogan to the Welfare line. Anderson has no talent. I think Samoa Joe is fine maybe tune it up a little but he is better then Abyss and he needs to drop the stupid Chris parks I know that’s his name but Chris has told me he had to lose weight. and it will be nice to see ODB and Gail in the WWE. Since Gail hasn’t been in the WWE for a long time they could actually start a new show maybe make Main event on Wednesday legit.

        • captainbuck

          I like it, my own take on a couple of those.
          Matt Morgan is underrated! He really knows his stuff in and out of the ring. He’ll be HHH’s newest gym buddy along with Sheamus. Great Khali is on a rolling contract and already quit once and doesn’t move so well anymore. Big Show… we’ll see now that he’s lost some weight, but he’s close to his last few years. Mark Henry’s probably bowing out in a couple years. There’s loads of room for Morgan and Crimson. Crimson might just short circuit Ryback’s career, but, that’s business. Jay Lethals’ still in ROH isn’t he?> so, not a part of this. Dudley’s would reunite for money, but, WWE doesn’t give skat about tag teams it seems. But, Shield vs Dudley’s + 1 could work.

          • Rich Francis

            That’s works good. See I been a huge Abyss fan I think he would be great too. Kind of like a Mick Foley type but since I talked to him two months ago he even admitted that he needs too get in better shape like in the days in NWF. I think he going to come back more creepier but after seeing Tna tonite its bad they are just breaking it up they cant afford it and I was a long time supporter I just cant we all know how this is going to end. WWE is to big the only thing that would be good is if WWE would take the name Impact move it to Wednesday. So that they will have wrestling every other day during the week. And then combine Slam, Superstars and Mainevent to make a 1 1/2 show for the weekend. They will have 3 strong shows and 1 show for the up and coming.

          • captainbuck

            They should get Chris Parks because I think he would suddenly,after beating some respect out of people, become a real backstage leader. He’s NOT a new guy, one of the few with real tour experience. I believe he actually may own the Abyss gimmick, not sure, that would be a huge plus. he’s ‘more’ out of shape now, not sure myself why he’s not on tv more, but, him just in the shape of a few years ago would be great. I’d pay to see Matt Morgan disrespect Brock Lesnar and then have Paul turn on Brock again to manage Morgan and they could face Brock again for the fans and that would be a monster feud. Morgan unleashed is one of very few people that Lesnar can’t push around (the other ones basically being Kane and Big show). Morgan’s been gone and actively seeking the WWE contract, already for months.

          • Rich Francis

            Would love to see that Mogan vs Brock that would be a perfect and Paul is that type of worm to turn on brock to go with Mogan. Man could you Imagine Brock and Punk after Paul that would be crazy. I agree That Abyss would be a strong role model kinda like how Mick Foley was. I there was a article that had Vickie do a video Interview from Sam Roberts and she is way cool. I don’t know Mick but what I know from hanging with Christopher Parks AKA Abyss he hasn’t acted like he was the king he is kinda like the big show.

          • Joshua Nixon

            I agree with your idea for combining slam, superstars and main event. I have this gut feeling WWE is thinking about buying TNA and acquiring their talent through that way. Nitro would have been around but WWE could not find any network to air the show because Nitro lost the networks alot of money and viewers due to bad ratings. WWE does need a third brand and should bring the draft back. Raw should have their own singles titles like the wwe championship and intercontinental championship. Smackdown would get the WorldHeavyweight Championship, US Championship, and the Cruiserweight Championship. The Tag Team and Divas championship should be defended on both shows. Maybe the European Championship on Raw. Brands have their own pay per views, and co host the big name pay per views.

          • Rich Francis

            I agree than would make so much sense and the thing I am wondering is what is Steph cashing in a lot of her stocks in. Nitro had a good set too. And what TNA did with the BFG series they seem to kill it after the third week they do it for so long that by the time its time we just don’t care who wins it. And if they had there own PPV they could go see who is doing better and try to out do the other one and then you got the Suvivor series. But have like 6 big name and then 3 Raw 3 Smackdown. But see another thing with Steph selling all her stocks what I am wondering WWE had a relationship before with Spike. I could only think that Spike network would love to get there hands on WWE again and to say its TNA and just fix every thing up. I wouldn’t even doubt Bisouff doesn’t isn’t on it. This is something I think he would be in on. And I am sure Spike would love to switch Impact to Wednesdays even though a lot of us die hard wrestling fans would watch it 24/7 it would be the rating for them and it would be best Wednesday for them. but if they don’t keep the Impact show let smackdown have cruiserweight let raw keep something from Impact the X divison.

  • captainbuck

    Sting is done, headed to WWE. TNA is done this month unless Hogan came to some amazingly unlikely contract. SpikeTV’s input has been ‘clear’ from the rumors. They don’t want to lose it and could buy it, but, it’s got to nullify the ‘big’ contracts and there’s a core of talent they’ve figured that work for their demographic, ironically it would nearly return to the old day’s roster. TNA’s problem is that EVERYONE read their FB page. Like 1 in 20 people defends them on their own page. Others are there because they want them to succeed and said what they want to see, but, NOBODY listened. TAZ is one of those guys who has his feelers out all the time, he tried to jump for the same very real reasons. My guess it folds and Spike goes all in with more Bellator MMA stuff. To WWE: Angle will return with Sting , Matt Morgan should get a deal soon, HHH will bring in AJ Styles on his own, Kazerian has NXT written all over him, and Christopher Daniels is awesome but WWE’s sizing issue unfortunately could become one of their dumb decisions and not bring him in. Samoa Joe probably go work for Mutah if WWE says lose weight. It could all work out particularly well for
    The Abyss (WWE gets new darkside guy)
    James Storm
    and Jay Bradley/Brad Bradley now that his thyroid is fixed.

    • Aj

      There so many more superstars that deserve a wwe spot. Bully ray, Austin Aries, Bobby Rhode, Black Macho Man, Any knock out, aj styles, the announcers, chirsty hemme. They all work hard and deserve a wwe spot. The TNA talent out shines most WWE Talent. The WWE has CM Punk, Bryan, Lesnar and that’s about it. The rest stinks. Cena, orton, and show are boring. The divas can’t wrestle for shit.

      • captainbuck

        Yeah, that’s part of the issue. There’s second gen wrestlers that aren’t going anywhere and WWE Creative isn’t very creative, so they will make decisions based on ‘who looks like what’. So, Bobby Roode is screwed just because he’s using the Mr Perfect gimmick, and Joe Hennig (Curtis Axel) isn’t going anywhere; Kazerian isn’t interesting, Christopher Daniels is older and not very ‘big’ so they won’t look much at him. Manik is cool but they seem stuck on Sin Cara, Abyss has their attention but no telling how Chris Park will really go if the opportunity comes up. Samoa Joe isn’t related to any of the families, so, no ties to help him and WWE will say lose weight and get muscles, that wont work.
        Sting and Angle work nice for WM30 work,
        and like the rest that I said in the other comment. ”
        Black Macho Man was Jay Lethal, as far as i know he’s in Ring Of Honor, he’s one i miss alot.

        • Bill Agans

          it was black machismo. not black macho man.

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