Renee Young Interviews Daniel Bryan Following Night of Champions Victory


Following Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view, Renee Young spoke to the new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Young asked Bryan if he planned on celebrating tonight following his victory over Randy Orton. Bryan responded:

“No, I gotta get ready for Monday Night RAW tomorrow, so I’m going to be in bed early, I’ve got media in the morning,” Bryan replied. “I’m ready for them to throw whatever they got at me tomorrow, I know they don’t want me to be WWE Champion.”

Night of Champions Rematch Already Set for Tomorrow’s Raw……


  1. This is one of the reasons I don’t agree with WWE writers on how they crown champions.

    They put Bryan through the ringer and basically bullied him for a month…then hand him the belt. And they do this with pretty much all the superstars..with maybe the exception of John Cena. I pretty much knew he would win based on how bad he was being treated the last month.

    But as someone else said on here…Bryan’s reign will be short lived…he won’t keep the title very long. I have a feeling tonight’s RAW will have some storyline based on the fact the official had to be replaced for a short time due to being hit.

    But to me..if I was Daniel Bryan…having to go through all that abuse for a month to acquire the belt for a short time…isn’t worth it.


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