Report: Daniel Bryan’s Recovery Not Going Well


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to one source — following neck surgery — the strength in Daniel Bryan’s right arm is not only not making gains during his current recovery process, but is actually getting weaker. As a result, WWE has become concerned with how well Bryan is coming along in his rehabilitation.

Apparently the situation surrounding Bryan and the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was the talk of the town backstage at RAW on Monday night in Indianapolis. He was sent back to Pittsburgh to see Dr. Joseph Maroon, who performed his neck procedure, to see why he wasn’t coming along as well as originally expected.

Because of the uncertainty regarding Bryan’s physical status heading into the Money In The Bank pay-per-view on June 29th, WWE made the decision to announce that either he will compete against Kane for the title in a “Stretcher Match,” or the actual Money In The Bank ladder match itself would be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The reason WWE went with this idea is because of the feeling that they shouldn’t have a pay-per-view without the title on the line. As far as last Sunday’s WWE Payback PPV is concerned, the feeling is that the title was on the line due to the angle that was built up around it heading into the show.

While at this point nothing is definite, the feeling is that if push comes to shove, Bryan will wrestle on the 6/29 PPV, even if he isn’t as physically ready as he would like to be.

It should be noted, by the way, that WWE is also contemplating adding a second Money In The Bank ladder match, if the primary one becomes a match where the vacant title is at stake, where the winner would be the person who captures the briefcase, guaranteeing them a future title shot.

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  1. Well long as it’s not putting him at any major risk or permanent injury I could see Bryan working the PPV match. They could do an angle where he beats Kane but re-injures his neck thus explaining why he is mostly out for another 4-6 weeks.

    • That is not a bright idea. If he’s injured he needs to surrender the title and take a couple of months off to recuperate and train. The title will be there when he comes back. If Cena can take a couple of months off and get an instant title shot as soon as he comes back, Bryan should be entitled to the same damn privilege.

      • Well like I said it depends on the seriousness of the injury. He was working through it before the surgery so I would guess it’s something he could continue to work through in the short term. The surgery was suppose to relieve him from the pain and get him back to around 100%. If they feel he can give them 1 match without setting back his recovery time to much I could see him doing the event.

    • Listen, WWE is full of stagnant story lines. They are milking them for everything they’re worth (which isn’t much). It’s hard to watch RAW lately because of this… We need some players to step up and take over.

  2. Strip him of the title, it ain’t worth his health. Let him properly recover, take a few months off, and make a “surprise return”. As for the MITB match, make the 2nd one guys who have never held the title only.. make it interesting.

    • No… Your career as an armchair promoter is set in stone as something that will only fail. Think about another endeavor.

  3. Meko has the best solution. Stripping him of the belt will only make him that much more popular when he returns. He has the time off to heal and then gets it back. Win win.

  4. Bryan works best and is more interesting as an underdog. Strip him. Have him take time off to recover so he can have a surprise return. Thus leading to a title match. Cesaro or Lesnar having a brief title run could be interesting.

    • A BRIEF title run? Brief title runs ruin careers… They make no sense… Give CESARO a chance to be a long-term champion.

      • Kane, Foley, Rock (2013) all had brief title runs. Give it to Lesnar than since he doesn’t need a title to make him legit. Bryan could defeat Lesnar to be white hot…then have an awesome Bryan/Cesaro feud which leads to Cesaro as champ. Idk. I don’t book this s***. I just b**** about it.

        • At no point should the world title be “given” to anybody. Especially a part time money-grubbing glory hound like Lesnar. He only shows up for their biggest PPVs just to get a paycheck and he was never in the wrestling business because he loved it. He gets a couple of lousy victories in UFC after he failed to make it to NFL. Hell. All he had to do at the Royal Rumble was hit Big Show with a chair like 100 times. That wasn’t s*** and you can’t tell me no different. That wasn’t even a match.

          Then he gets his ass kicked several times in UFC and goes running back to WWE when they really don’t need him at all. If anybody should be the next champion, it should be someone who hasn’t had the belt yet, someone who’s loyal to the business, the fans and someone who’s paid their dues. With the huge crowd pop that Bray Wyatt is getting right now, he could be a potential candidate. Cody Rhodes and Cesaro would also be excellent champions due to their skills, dedication and hard work.

          However, Rhodes and Cesaro would need a little bit of work in the character development areas. They need marketable characters so they can sell a lot of merchandise. WWE prefers that their champions are capable of making them a lot of money so they must come up with new gimmicks and such. They’re going to have to work fast because there must be a new champion soon.

          At this point, Bray Wyatt as the new champion would make the most sense. He has the character, mic skills, the crowd control factor and a very unique and unorthodox wrestling style. He is even endorsed by the legendary Jake The Snake Roberts. He is very marketable right now and he can sell a lot of merchandise with his current fan base.

          Fans would buy the shirts, the hats, action figures, posters, the vests, the lamps and even the sister Abigail chair. All the essentials that it takes to be champion. I know he hasn’t been there for long but he’s making HUGE progress right now. Also, they could continue the Wyatt/Bryan story line and they can have a feud for the belt when Bryan comes back.

          Some people would say Roman Reigns but he’s another superstar who needs work in the character development, mic skills and merchandising departments. If WWE really wanted to shock the world, they would stop acting like pricks and sign AJ Styles. And for those who would say “WWE doesn’t need TNA’s leftovers” I have to say to an extent that they do. They’re certainly not doing much with RVD and Consequences Creed but AJ Styles on the WWE roster has potential for a lot of greatness. Knowing WWE, they’ll wait until AJ is 40 and sign him as a stepping stone for a few of their newbies.

          • I stopped reading IMMEDIATELY after:

            “the world title be “given” to anybody.”

            Every title is GIVEN to someone. Yeah, they have a match, but in the end, the match has a known outcome and thus the titles are, essentially, GIVEN to the superstar.

            Titles have been awarded in the past. Triple H was awarded the WHC and Mick Foley was awarded the Hardcore Championship.

          • Then it’s not my problem if that’s as far as you can read. However, my comment wasn’t solely about titles being given to anyone so there was really no point in your reply. #CommonSenseIsntCommon

          • I was doing it wrong? Why? Because I might have a different opinion than yours? Blow it out your ass, f***prick.

          • You can’t blow anything out someone’s ass (at least, that’s what I am told), but you can push the stupidity out of your ass if it makes you feel better. Get a grip, moron.

          • I like how you can’t argue the fact that if someone has a different opinion it doesn’t mean they’re wrong. So instead you break down my insults as if they’re literal. Okay? Oh man, I’m so hurt. But I’ll make sure to get a grip..on better insults? Or talking about imaginary championships? I don’t know, is your ass jealous about how much s*** your mouth spews or what?

  5. It was a big mistake unifying the belts. Time to split them up again. Strip Daniel Bryan of the WWE title belt and put it up for grabs. This leaves DB as the World champ and allows him proper time ro recover. Cesaro goes onto win the WWE title. Imagine when DB is ready: World Champ DB vs WWE champ Cesaro. Now to make this a real face turn for Cesaro, after an awesome match Db would be closing in on Victory when Heyman motions to the back, it’s the Beast Brock Lesnar, he attacks DB and won’t stop. Cesaro up the ramp watching this happen looks to the crowd and returns to stop Lesnar. Heyman flips tells Cesaro your days as WWE champ are numbered, the Beast will take the belt.

  6. I was watching a clip about Sgt. Bergdahl in which they were showing his dad. The people on Fox News said that the father needs to shave his beard because he looks like a member of the Taliban. Then it hit me as I was looking at the dad he reminded me of someone. Then I realized he look very similar to Daniel Bryan. Based on Fox news and what they are saying will the WWE make Bryan shave his beard because he looks like this guys dad which means he looks like a member of the Taliban. I want to thank Fox for bringing that to our attention. I hope the WWE takes a look at this.

  7. I agree with the getting better. Unfortunately, I also agree with the stripping him of the title. (You can’t let him hold it injured or it will be cheapened.) I would like them to try something new though. Battle Royals and 20 men going after it gets pretty old after awhile. Tourneys are ok every once in awhile but this to devalues the belt. Why not have a dark draw? You can have a drum with all the names in the container and each guy picks a match he likes and writes that on the back of the paper. (Ladders, I quit etc) The two names are then picked out by someone but no one is told the guys.. When the last part of the night comes you hit each person’s music. This way not even the guys know which guys are picked and you get someone to choose which match they have.


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