Results From Indy Shows Across The World – 9/20 to 9/22


Thomas Rude sent this in.


Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling Chicago at the 5-Star Swap Mart: Colin Smith pinned The Janitor…Willie Richardson pinned Sunny Ago…Diego Corleone pinned Chris Miller…The Midnight Expresss Reboot defeated Elite Pain…Apocolypto pinned Deuce Trey…Pauly Thomaselli pinned Steve Boz…Brad Kevins pinned Prince Ali Mustafa. (9/20/13)


Sherman-NWA Texoma at the Sherman Elks Lodge: Jerome Daniels pinned Montego Seeka…Prince Al Farat vs. Scott McKenzie went to a Double Countout…Bree Ann defeated Missdiss Lexia by DQ…Genesis defeated Rock Star Mafia…Paul London pinned Gregory James…Mike Foxx pinned Tim Storm to become the new NWA Texoma Champion. (9/20/13)


Corbin-Traditional Southern Wrestling at the Corbin Civic Center: Southern Outlaws (Bubba Hutton & Sully Larkin) defeated Brian Wright & Tokyo Dragon to become the first TSW Tag Team Champions…Wrestling Demon defeated Krutch by Submission in a Mask vs. Mask Match…Tokyo Dragon defeated Nighstalker by DQ…Sully Larkin defeated Marvelous Myke Murphy in a Last Man Standing Match…Masked Superstar pinned Marcus Williams to become the first TSW Rock n’ Roll World Champion. (9/21/13)


Oceanside-SoCal Pro Wrestling from the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club: Nick Lovin pinned Kitana Vera…B-Boy, JRDub & Thrash defeated Joey Barone, Shady & Matt Twizted…SoCal Crazy defeated Rena Bustamante in a Kendo Stick on a Pole Match…Adam Pearce pinned Andre Machievski…Anchors Away defeated Mirror Image Megastars to become the new Tag Team Champions…Big Duke pinned Big Daddy Destro to become the new Double Champion. (9/21/13)


Henrico-Ground Xero Wrestling at the Fairfield Commons Mall: The Russian Destroyers defeated The North American Express…Shorty Smalls pinned Brandon Scott…Crimson Society defeated the Tiger Express…J-Sinn pinned Money Green…TJay Jackson pinned Ethan Cross…Kevin Daniels pinned Colt Freeman to become the new GXW Respect Champion…Martin Stanley Fuqua pinned Robbie Paige. (9/21/13)


Mount Ephriam-Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Alliance at the R.W. Kershaw School: Chase Helms pinned Eddie Hawkins…Ryan Haston pinned Shaka…Cremator pinned Glenn Mason…Biggie Biggs pinned Justin Pusser…Mark Mest & Vinny the Fixxer defeated Bobby Blake & Don Montoya…Pat Shamrock pinned Jason Havok to become the NAWA Heavyweight Champion. (9/21/13)


Carneys Point-East Coast Wrestling Association at the YMCA of Salem County: Gusfather pinned Michael Tartaglia…Breaker Morant defeated Matt Saigon by DQ…MONSTER AHTU pinned Little Mikey…Chris Wylde pinned Bolo Yung…Ricky Martinez defeated Mr. Ooh La La by DQ…D-LINE defeated Cole Callaway & Kid USA…Greek God Papadon pinned Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian. (9/21/13)


Chicago-GALLI Lucha Libre at the Taco Fest: Bryce Benjamin pinned Valentino…Traidor & Pentagono defeated Atomico & Golden Dragon…Acid Jazz & Marshe Rocket defeated Punisher 747 & Dante DVS…El Kuni Silencio pinned Gringo Loco…El Rebelde Noriega pinned Mike Anthony. (9/21/13)


Millersburg-International Rock & Wrestling Xperience at the Case Township Gymnasium: Pete Christie pinned Mitch Johnson…T-Bone Banks pinned Mikey Smalls…Amazing N8 Mattson pinned Jack Verville…Terror Khan pinned Mikey Smalls…Chuck Weeden pinned T-Bone Banks…Jack Verville pinned Mitch Johnson…Terror Khan defeated Chuck Weeden by DQ…Pete Christie pinned Amazing N8 Mattson. (9/21/13)


Fairfield-Northern Wrestling Federation at the UAW Hall: Malpractice & Malachi defeated Big Rig & Jason Montroross…Revolution defeated Dustin Lillard & Johnny Robinson…Pompano Joe pinned Miguel Sanchez…Jesse Hyde pinned Excutioneer…Anthony Bryant defeated Brody Cormick by DQ…Drago pinned Kyron…Virus & Stew Backlund defeated Nasty Russ & Danny Todd…Country pinned Chuck E. Smooth…Jay Donaldson pinned Angel. (9/21/13)


Chicago- GALLI Lucha Libre at the Taco Fest: Punisher 747 pinned El Rebelde Noriega…Willie Richardson defeated Ovierload & D’Angelo Steele in a Triple Threat Match…Destructo & Dark Scorpion defeated Destructor Jr. & Chico Suave…GPA pinned Mojo McQueen…Marcus & Mason Conrad defeated Mark Andrews & Pete Dunne…Bryce Benjamin, Kuni Silencio and Matt Knicks defeated Mike Anthony, Gringo Loco & Will Moah. (9/22/13)


Poeldijk-Dutch Pro Wrestling at the De Leuningjes: Santos pinned Mot van Kunder…Kenzo Richards pinned Daniel van Kuijk…Emil Sitoci pinned Tengkwa…Joey Hayes pinned Max Damon…Emil Sitoci won the Championship Rumble to become the new Dutch Heavyweight Champion. (9/22/13)


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